Feeling Mistress

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After the house boy came over last week to do the dishes, among other things, my darling slut came over for the evening. For some reason he thought it would be funny for him to be cheeky.

Needless to say I was feeling very Domme and bossy after ordering a man in lingerie around My house all afternoon… So the slut got a bit of a working over. Nothing terribly imaginative. I pulled on My black leather gloves and whipped his arse with an English leather riding crop. Then got a condom out of the drawer, put it on the blue vibrator and fucked him with the vibrator on high LOL.

He was moaning and sighing as he pressed his face into the pillow. Such a slut! I do think he needs more caning. And I need another house boy.

My lovely English leather riding crop. Yes it stings!


Needles and pins

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Wow. My old favourite!

When I was a young girl I used to fantasise constantly about having a man tied up and sticking needles in his penis. At times, the objects of my daydreams were bound and gagged on large dart boards… At other times they’d have their penises used as pin cushions for sewing. Sewing what I don’t quite recall as that doesn’t seem to have been the focus of the fantasy LOL.

The first (fourth) Star Wars movie came out when I was in grade five, and I remember watching it and having lengthy daydreams about torturing Luke Skywalker with that dartboard Hahaha!

Imagine my surprise when I check my stats today and find that some of the most frequent searches recently have been for terms including “needles, Mistress, penis”! Wonderful!

Body art and body mods are becoming quite popular and there’s squillions of self puncture photography out there on the ‘nets… Some of it looks very good, too. But there’s something entirely different about a man being bound, submitting his most intimate parts to the torture of a sadistic Woman With Needles. One can just picture him squirming, helpless, gagged, while She smiles coldly and leans down over his bare flesh with yet another 19 gauge blood needle.

I still have a dozen or so of these in My toybag… Perhaps Mistress should request some willing victims for needle play to add to the gallery?

Mistress new shoes

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Might have to take these out to a kink club sometime soon. Provocation is on this Friday at the Blue Velvet Bar in Collingwood… They have some great bondage equipment to use and it’s quite a relaxed environment. Melbourne has some fantastic kink clubs these days. Perhaps Mistress should visit them all and bring you some reviews?

Slut number two… The trials of finding a houseboy.

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Well, it has been a pleasant day today. An old friend decided to apply for Mistress’ houseboy position and has been doing his first trial today.

Yes, I’ve included some photos for you. Am I not a thoughtful Mistress?

Now Mistress has a clean bathroom to use and nice clean sheets on the bed. Of course it is entirely appropriate for Mistress to have the house cleaned by submissive males. It is part of their service to Her, their duty to wait on Her and see to Her needs.

Mistress is happy with this one and will have him back. There are now four or five others waiting to do their trials. Naturally Mistress will take Her time vetting their applications and making sure they’re appropriately subservient males before allowing them to attend Her home.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Mistress won’t have to lift a finger around here for anything other than posting a blog or summoning another drink. Wonderful!


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A couple of reposts of photos of times Mistress enjoyed.

Must do that again soon!


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It’s been some time since Mistress made an entry in the blog. Over Summer I’ve been playing with my house slut a little, practising the fisting and assorted other things.

Any time he takes Me out, I cane his arse beforehand and then watch him squirming all evening as he feels the welts.

Presently we’re interviewing malesluts for a second house slave position. It has been most amusing reading all the application letters. Some pigmales mistakenly send letters saying “hi sexy” with a photo of a penis or backside attached. Needless to say Mistress doesn’t bother replying to such forward individuals.

There are those, however, who make polite introductions and address Mistress appropriately as the superior being She is. There have been four or five of these in recent days and Mistress will be screening them over coming weeks.

One of the requirements is for participation in a little fetish photography. It’s been a while since I’ve had the camera out and I’m looking forward to posting some new pics of males in lingerie, stockings and submissive poses.

Here’s hoping Mistress finds some amusing and deserving males to play with.

Foot fetishist

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I’ve recently been getting mail from a young man who is quite keen on women’s arches. He was avidly describing for me a scene in which he was permitted to worship the feet of an older woman while another young slut was made to watch him.

In art, bare feet are sometimes used as a metaphor for genitalia… which kind of makes you wonder about all that stuff about Ruth uncovering the feet of Boaz… A new perspective on religious art? Or what’s really going on in the minds of artists forced to work within those constraints.

I rather like having my feet rubbed and kissed. By a trusted slut, of course. It’s a great reward for an obedient submissive male.

black heels kissing 140409