Hog tied

My darling slut just loves being tied up. Rope bondage, collar and cuffs, leather thong… he drops so quickly into a deep subspace and willingly submits to all sorts of torture.

One of the first scenes we did together involved him tied up on the floor. With his hands bound he can still move around a bit, to take whatever position amuses me at the time and the restraint maintains the mental awareness of his submission.  After a lengthy session whipping his bare ass red with a lovely English leather riding crop, I dripped hot wax all over his cock and balls.

The groans and twitches were delightful to watch, as I laughed and let the candle drip… Later I used the crop again to whip all the wax off his skin. He knelt on all fours and kissed my feet to thank me for the attention. He also had to vaccuum the loungeroom to clean it all up!

More recently he’s been hog tied. This position has him face down, naked of course, on the floor with his hands and feet tied behind him. It holds him pretty well still for anything else I feel like doing to him. By standing over him with one foot either side, I can use the cane overhand and raise gorgeous welts all over his behind. He drools into the carpet.


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