the question of chastity

Surfing the BDSM blogs for new links, I notice that there are a few sites out there where men record their experiences of forced chastity. I love this idea, but don’t practise it. The thought of some man prevented from experiencing sexual pleasure is quite a turn on… but not for my man. Mainly because if he doesn’t get any I won’t be getting any. At least not from him.

And one thing my slut does very well is serve in bed. I enjoy him frequently and take advantage of his experience with tantric sex. He is of course usually very obedient when it comes to orgasm denial. This is appropriate since sex is about pleasing me.

Every few weeks or so I’ll allow him to cum. I command him to do so, in order to submit his pleasure and release to me. He cums in service to me. On Saturday after we’d been playing a little and he’d put on the cock strap to better serve me, he was a little too enthusiastic about pleasing me. After about forty minutes of long slow strokes interspersed with quick lusty pumping, he was behind me and announced that he needed to change positions lest he cum. But he said it too late 🙂

I smiled to myself as I felt him groaning and leaning on me. After only a moment he spurted all over my back. I told him to lick it all up, which he did eagerly, cleaning his cum off my skin with his tongue. Later I spanked his balls for this.

He wasn’t punished too harshly for this unauthorised orgasm, mainly because I was feeling lenient. We’d been to a club on Friday night and he’d been very attentive giving me foot massages while we sat in the lounge watching the kinks show off all their fine fetish gear. Several people admired the attention I was getting. One Domme even asked if he would serve her. Hmmm. I laughed at the time. Here was my darling slut sitting at my feet wearing my collar, and She approached him!

Naturally my slut declined. This is my favourite toy, afterall, and I don’t share him.

On Sunday he got a good hard horsewhipping to mark his arse as mine. After warming him up nice and hot, and laying in with my lovely long dressage whip, he was ready for me to fuck him. He’s such an arse slut. I adore using my hand on him.

So it seems that in this relationship there isn’t a whole lot of chastity going on. No doubt it suits lots of couples, but I’m much more in favour of plenty of kinky sex with a submissive male whose arse is red and stinging to remind him that I own it. And the rest of him.


2 Responses to “the question of chastity”

  1. Sexaholic BBW Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the blogroll add – loving the blog and hpe that one day I can meet a slut like yours – he sounds devine! Give him a whip for me!

  2. […] had taken up an hour!  And i had thought that She was stretching the truth when she said “about forty minutes of long slow strokes“, but She […]

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