Well I’d anticipated making a post today about all sorts of wild adventures and explorations with masturbation… But alas I fell asleep last night without any such indulgence. As previously mentioned, I’ve been reading a little book called “Mindfucking” by Colin McGinn. Publisher is Acumen, in case you’re interested. It’s a fairly brief essay and I finished it last night before turning out the light, sniggering to myself in amusement.

It’s a really neat little book. Apparently McGinn decided to write about the mindfuck after reading a book “On Bullshit” by Harry Frankfurt who I think is a Harvard philosopher. I laughed out loud many times at the author’s clever prose and ambiguity. He takes the metaphor of sex and intellectual manipulation all the way.

McGinn differentiates between the mindfuck of religion, politics, abuse or advertising and the positive mindfuck of a movie or book where you don’t see the end coming… Or even an essay or idea that opens up your thinking about the world you live in.

Naturally as a Domme the first thing I thought of was the psychodrama in D/s. Mindfuck can be quite powerful in scenes involving bondage or blindfolding for example. I’ve seen some intense mindfucking involving knife play and CBT… It’s absolutely pants wetting to watch some submissive male tied to the table while a Woman teases him with the threat of castration or worse. The squirming, moaning and begging are exquisite. Her torture of him glorious. There’s also the more psychological aspect of Domination and submission. When She gets in your head and your only desire is to please Her. The connection of pleasure and pain by a Dominatrix is another form of fucking with your mind.

Down on my knees has written a bit here and there about the whole psychodrama of submission. Excuse me while I distract myself reading Fundamentalist Mormons of Gor from that blog… Which is more an example of what I’d alluded to earlier, the religious mindfuck.

If you’ve ever been involved in a conservative church you’ll probably recognise that christian marriage can be a pretty severe D/s mindfuck. The emotional and other abuses that many women suffer can be absolutely astonishing and disgusting. I recall the number of women I would overhear praying to be delivered from their resentment or resistance to submission, without realising that their anger and resistance is actually a healthy psychological reaction attempting to restore some sanity and appropriate personal boundaries to them. Of course many of them had come from family situations of emotional or psychological abuse and violence and were simply perpetuating those dysfunctional roles in their lives. Am I saying that conservative religion is fucked up? Absolutely!

On the way to dinner the other night this subject came up. Humans will find ways to deal with negative experiences. There are kinks who explore dominance and submission and understand their minds. There are people who would cringe at the thought of being so “sick” but happily cut bits off themselves or beat their partners. Or force their partners into submission in marriage. Yeah, I realise this is a side track to the original topic, but the idea kind of gets me.

If you’re dealing with questions about your self-worth or life situation, is it okay to do it in a consenting relationship with someone you can discuss the issues with? The thing is, you can’t assume that kinky people have had fucked up lives, just as you can’t assume that straight people are not fucked up. It’s all so organic and inter-related and confused… no wonder a friend of mine refers to psychology as voodoo LOL.

Most kink seems to be about exploring sensations, sexuality and the erotic. It can certainly be about power, but have you ever seen a power play scene that wasn’t enticingly erotic? It’s really only the leftovers of puritan influence in mainstream culture that depicts sexuality and exploration as “dirty” or “bad”. It’s an idea that came from 4th century monks in caves and probably should have ended with them. Stoics and Epicurians in Ancient Greece explored these very ideas, but then Aristotle’s idea of matter on earth being impure, in comparison to the perfect aether of the cosmos, was transferred into puritan religion and the whole thing went to hell. After they’d invented hell.*

But back to my original thought. There’s plenty of positive mindfucking to play with in a kinky relationship. Not only the humour of the situations in which you sometimes find yourself, the interaction of two humans and the power exchange, the dressing up and roleplaying. You construct a scene with someone, play it out, maybe push a few bondaries or buttons… and it’s very mutually enjoyable.

I guess it’s part of the complexity of the human animal that we seek to explore and play with different ideas and experiences. We feel confined and constricted with too many rules or laws and often only put up with them if we’re told there’s a payoff for it. Or we use it to compensate for lousy self-esteem and make ourselves feel better than sinners or criminals. And the media play on that to manipulate social stereotypes… but I’ve wandered off again… LOL

Well, it’s a Friday and I’ve had a lovely slow start to the day. I’m sitting here in my satin pyjamas reading about D/s and sex in various blogs and seriously thinking about doing some more masturbation practise… My slut is coming over this evening and I hope to be experimenting with some decorative rope bondage. If you’re good I’ll post photos đŸ˜€

*Hell probably comes from the Old Germanic Hel which wasn’t actually a bad place to be. If you didn’t die in battle and end up in Valhalla you could simply put your feet up in the afterlife and rest without any suggestion of sin or failure. It was run by a woman, btw. You can see why that had to be modified for christendom.


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