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This weekend of experimentation, second installment

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Yesterday I was having a read of Bitchy Jones’ diary. She’s a great writer and reading her thoughts on ‘the filth‘ was quite entertaining.

Of course I love men all smeared in grime. Dirt and mud and engine oil. Hard labour produces sweat and smudges.

Mmmm… A sexy man covered in grease and sweat. How convenient for me that I happened to have one in the backyard. My darling slut is a mechanic, among other things, which means that as well as great sex, submission, masochism and assorted other delightful fetishes I get to drool over him getting all sweaty in the workshop.

As you may have noticed I prefer my slut fairly fresh, shaven and naked in my bed rather than being too grimy. I want the slut ready to serve me in bed at any time I so desire… which tends to be after I’ve spanked or whipped him. And you don’t want engine grease all over the good bondage ropes. Still, Ms Jones has a point. Sweaty, physical slaves can be very attractive.

This weekend was the perfect time to expand Mistress’ toy bag. I decided I wanted a new vibrator. For a little while I’ve had my eye on one of Doc Johnson’s Flowers Swirl Daisy vibrators. It isn’t very big or terribly thick, but it has a lovely pattern and the little switch is smoothly connected to the body. As it turns out the flower texture might be a touch too raised for when you get really carried away and want to fuck it hard… but overall I’m happy with it. Except that now I do want to get myself a larger, thicker one. Something that takes D cells and will chip my teeth.

We rode my slut’s Kawasaki up to the sex shop and spent probably an hour looking at absolutely everything. The strap on harnesses were particularly inspiring. My slut loves having his arse fucked or fingered. That’s one of the reasons why he’s such a slut, heh. Turns out he already owned one. To punish him for not telling me about this earlier or getting it out for me to play with, I put it on when we got home and wore it around the house most of the evening. He was ordered to kneel before me and suck it though somehow that didn’t seem like punishment.

Another toy my slut had hidden away was a paddle. As we sat together in the evening, me wearing the strap on, I spanked his cock again. After beating his cock until it began to bruise, I put him over my knee and started warming him up with the paddle on his arse.
bruises 240509 350

After a good warmup I got out my yellow cane and took to him. Stroke after heavy stroke brought out long purple welts all over his pale flesh. I must have been neavy handed in my anticipation and arousal, because it wasn’t long before he was begging for mercy. I put the cane down for a time and held him gently in my arms.

Then I fucked his arse.

It’s the first time I’ve used one of those recent strap on harnesses. They’ve become a lot more comfortable and practical than they used to be. With this harness and a lovely smooth blue jelly dong I was able to keep at it for ages, behind him, thrusting hard into him while he groaned and begged me to fuck him harder. The silicon lubes aren’t all that great in comparison to good old copha, but it was still a fun arse fucking.

cock cropping 240509 350

After I was satisfied that I’d fucked him hard enough, I ordered him to serve me again. He only licked me for a little while before I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Maybe it’s something in the water? Or the Venus Mars conjunction… whatever it is I’ve been all but insatiable in recent days. My slut has been similarly aroused, he was so wound up after the caning and strap on that I only had to begin talking dirty and he was suddenly withdrawing and apologising that he was cuming already without my permission.

I laughed and held him close for some time. He serves me so well and so enthusiastically, in whatever form I want… such a wonderful slut and I adore him. I did order his to lick it all up, but again, that hardly seemed like punishment.

Now we need another trip to the sex shop for another couple of dongs for the strap on. I’m also planning on making one up myself, in leather. I want the scent of leather in the air when I next take him for my pleasure.


Spanking his balls

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It seems the practise of associating pleasure with pain works quickly in males. For some months now I’ve been in the habit of slapping my slut’s balls while he’s worshiping my pussy. Initially he would have an erection pretty much as soon as I commanded him to go down… but after a slap or two would lose it. So I began slowly stroking and pulling his cock while slapping his balls. The reaction is gorgeous. He moans and squirms but can’t go anywhere since I have hold of his cock. He also won’t stop licking me until I tell him.

Last night while we were sitting on the couch together, I decided to test some of his training. My slut was lying back on the couch with his lovely big cock exposed and his legs spread. I picked up my yellow cane and began flicking him with it. Rather than cringing as he might have done back in March, he happily lay there and made his body available for my amusement.

Sitting up one end of the couch with him lying naked before me, I had access to his most vulnerable and sensitive flesh. Despite being unbound my slut lay still, well mostly still, and accepted the torture and play as I explored his responses to his training. Cocks as you may know can take quite a bit of punishment. Moreso when the slut associates such punishment with pleasing Mistress and serving Her. My slut was a beautiful figure, lying naked with his eyes closed, submitting himself completely. His Mistress was playing with him and he loves it.

I have a long fiberglass cane which is coated in teflon, and it really packs a punch. It’s the cane that left all the lovely deep purple welts on his arse in the photos. It will cut the skin if used correctly. Last night I used it to spank my slut’s cock and balls for an hour or so. As I said, we began tenatively, testing his training. Before long I was whipping his cock quite hard.

My darling slut lay back before his Mistress with his legs splayed apart, presenting himself fully. I caned the head of his cock repeatedly and saw that he had a great throbbing erection. I told him as much and he responded that he loved to serve his Mistress and please Her in any way he could. To test this I continued caning his cock and balls, waiting in between strokes until his breathing slowed and his muscles relaxed a little, then bringing the cane down hard on his exposed balls, watching as he cried and writhed under my hand.

Despite the pain, or perhaps now in connection with it, his gorgeous cock that I so love to have serve me in bed remained lovely and hard. Erect and darkened, bare and available for my pleasure. My slut endured the beating… or should I say delighted in it. He was crying and begging at one stage, pleading with me that he’d been such an obedient sub and had dinner ready for me when I arrived and all… waiting on me hand and foot.

Of course a Mistress must reward such a good slut. He had his cock beaten and caned for about an hour.

After I had grown tired of this amusement and was sufficiently satisfied that his training is progressing well, I sat with him and hugged him for a little while. Later I took him to bed but he was not permitted to cum because I didn’t feel like letting him.

He is my darling slut. My property, I own every inch of him. His submission is a precious gift to me, I treasure it and adore him. What a wonderful slut he is. I shall quite enjoy taking his training further in future.

Male submission photos

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My slut not only enjoys writing about his own submission, but apparently loves reading my own comments. Isn’t it wonderful when your slave sends you a message telling you his cock gets hard reading your posts?

For the voyeurs among you, here’s some photos of the weekend’s beating.

bound hands 170509 290 Hands securely bound to the bed end, he’s not going anywhere and I can do whatever I like.

slut collar 170509 290 The collar I made for him, because he’s my property.

spanked arse 170509 290 The welts on his arse left by the cane. The bruises lasted several days.

Slut sex

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I notice my slut has been busy over on his blog… He delights in recounting his experiences for the enjoyment of others. He’s such a slut.

It’s one of the things I whisper in his ear when I’ve commanded him to serve me in bed. That he’s such a dirty little slut, how he serves his Mistress so willingly, that he’s my property and I can order him to do anything… One of the most wonderful things about owning a submissive male is that despite their being as eager for sex as most males, they don’t take liberties with Mistress’ person or presence. When he comes over to my place he’ll often shave so his face is baby smooth, in case I order him to lick my pussy… but he always waits on my orders. *sigh* How sweet.

When I grab a handful of his hair and push his face down on me, he never resists. One of my favourite tortures is to play with him while he’s eating me. A Mistress will, of course, seek to blur the line between pleasure and pain for her obedient slut. I enjoy holding his lovely hard 9″ cock and teasing him while slapping his balls hard, as he’s going down on me. Despite the pain and constant stimulation, he continues serving and worshiping my cunt for as long as I tell him to. It’s no wonder he’s one of very few men I can cum with. Talk about good foreplay!

Recently in bed I got a little carried away and ordered him to cum after only about half an hour of sex. Naturally he complied, but later I was a little disappointed I’d been so impatient. It’s exquisite to lie in bed having my slut serve me while I’m drifting off to sleep. I missed the feel of his hard cock gently stroking me while I lay in his arms.

Of course the best sexual service is after I’ve just whipped his arse red raw. Last weekend my property was being a mouthy little slut, and since I hadn’t handed out any real corporal punishment or torture in a while it was kind of getting on my nerves. So when the opportunity presented itself I tied him to my four poster bed and gave him a belting. He’s been in training for caning and horsewhipping for a few months now and I felt it was time to extend him a little. After a frustrating evening it was really quite pleasant to feel the arc of the cane in my hand and hear the impact on the pale, soft flesh of his exposed backside. So pleasant that I continued beating him while he groaned and writhed on the bed.

This time the welts grew and darkened quickly. I used the cane on him vertically as well as across his cheeks, so he had dark purple stripes all over his gorgeous behind. It wasn’t long before he was begging for a hug in between strokes. My slut loves being hugged and held after a good whipping. Not only is he my collared property but he desires to submit himself to me and revels in those moments of gentle contact that balance the punishment with my love for him.

That phrase sounds so good I’ll write it again… My darling, dirty little slut is my owned property. I feel such a rush of power and dominance when he submits himself to me and is bound to the bed or bound in rope. With his hands securely tied he puts himself completely in my hands. I can do whatever the fuck I want to him there while he lies naked, vulnerable and imobile on my bed. It is my privilege to consider when to whip him, when to hug or hold him, when to take his erect cock in my mouth and give him a good hard, slow suck before bringing the cane down again hard on his tender flesh or twisting the head of his erection in my fist. Gods I love playing with my slut. He is also my favourite sex toy and I do enjoy him.

The weekend slut

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My slut came over on Friday night, dutifully bringing 15 metres of new rope with him. He’s been spending quite a bit of time walking around in a rope harness these days, which he loves and I find quite amusing.

He’d offered to take me out for dinner on the Saturday. This was something of a surprise but certainly a wonderful night. Naturally before we go out together anywhere I whip his arse. He has a European complexion and his skin can be hard to mark, so I really lay in with the cane these days. Even so, the stripes are usually gone the next evening.

After warming him up with the English leather riding crop, I put my hand on the teflon coated cane. Yum! He wasn’t gagged or tied to the bed this time, so there was quite a bit of squirming and muffled swearing as I applied vicious strokes to his bare arse.

It’s really quite funny when he’s groaning trying not to wriggle around too much. As he moans muffled curses into the pillows I frequently stand over his naked body laughing, watching the welts rise on his flesh. There are many occasions on which we’d be over and done, but his reactions provoke me into continuing the corporal punishment just to watch the decorations and antics. It’s so much fun and gets me seriously wet.

Following a good whipping he is free to take me out and all night long I am aware of moments when his eyes lose focus a little as he’s shifting in his seat… It is delightful to observe his continuing awareness of my dominance and ownership of him. It might even be my most favourite part of a night out… Other than times we go to fetish clubs and he rubs my feet and otherwise serves me in public. He is a devoted darling slut.

After dinner he was ordered to serve me again in bed. No bondage this time and no further corporal punishment… the sex turned into a long, slow sensuous tantric experience. He listens to my every command and obeys, except when we fall asleep. I was pleasantly surprised when I first realised he can perform and serve according to a tantric method. Some men are way to quick and eager. Others have no imagination. My darling slut will happily maneuver through three or four of my favourite positions and then allow me to fall asleep in his arms while he’s still hard up behind me.

Next morning we put the new length of rope to good use experimenting with some new harnesses that somewhat confine his upper arms. 10 metres was a little too short to tie off neatly, the 15 metres leaves plenty of rope to play with. At present I’m using lots of diamonds over his back and front, as they look kinda cute, but there’s other patterns of cuffs and angles to be tried. I can see I’m going to have to find a book for some more info on the basics.

We took photos of him in the harness and also hogtied on the floor. He was noticably quieter when bound like that. Who would have thought that just a little bit of rope can reduce a grown man to a spaced out submissive decorating my lounge room floor? That sub space is quite wonderful to observe. It must be an amazing trance like experience. Personally I have other vectors for trance and meditation. The mere thought of being tied up by someone has me wanting to break bones and scratch out eyes. LOL

Afterwards he rubbed my feet and worshiped my arse, like a good little slut. I lay on the floor on blankets while we watched movies together and he continued massaging my feet and legs. I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and my feet feel fabulous.