Spanking his balls

It seems the practise of associating pleasure with pain works quickly in males. For some months now I’ve been in the habit of slapping my slut’s balls while he’s worshiping my pussy. Initially he would have an erection pretty much as soon as I commanded him to go down… but after a slap or two would lose it. So I began slowly stroking and pulling his cock while slapping his balls. The reaction is gorgeous. He moans and squirms but can’t go anywhere since I have hold of his cock. He also won’t stop licking me until I tell him.

Last night while we were sitting on the couch together, I decided to test some of his training. My slut was lying back on the couch with his lovely big cock exposed and his legs spread. I picked up my yellow cane and began flicking him with it. Rather than cringing as he might have done back in March, he happily lay there and made his body available for my amusement.

Sitting up one end of the couch with him lying naked before me, I had access to his most vulnerable and sensitive flesh. Despite being unbound my slut lay still, well mostly still, and accepted the torture and play as I explored his responses to his training. Cocks as you may know can take quite a bit of punishment. Moreso when the slut associates such punishment with pleasing Mistress and serving Her. My slut was a beautiful figure, lying naked with his eyes closed, submitting himself completely. His Mistress was playing with him and he loves it.

I have a long fiberglass cane which is coated in teflon, and it really packs a punch. It’s the cane that left all the lovely deep purple welts on his arse in the photos. It will cut the skin if used correctly. Last night I used it to spank my slut’s cock and balls for an hour or so. As I said, we began tenatively, testing his training. Before long I was whipping his cock quite hard.

My darling slut lay back before his Mistress with his legs splayed apart, presenting himself fully. I caned the head of his cock repeatedly and saw that he had a great throbbing erection. I told him as much and he responded that he loved to serve his Mistress and please Her in any way he could. To test this I continued caning his cock and balls, waiting in between strokes until his breathing slowed and his muscles relaxed a little, then bringing the cane down hard on his exposed balls, watching as he cried and writhed under my hand.

Despite the pain, or perhaps now in connection with it, his gorgeous cock that I so love to have serve me in bed remained lovely and hard. Erect and darkened, bare and available for my pleasure. My slut endured the beating… or should I say delighted in it. He was crying and begging at one stage, pleading with me that he’d been such an obedient sub and had dinner ready for me when I arrived and all… waiting on me hand and foot.

Of course a Mistress must reward such a good slut. He had his cock beaten and caned for about an hour.

After I had grown tired of this amusement and was sufficiently satisfied that his training is progressing well, I sat with him and hugged him for a little while. Later I took him to bed but he was not permitted to cum because I didn’t feel like letting him.

He is my darling slut. My property, I own every inch of him. His submission is a precious gift to me, I treasure it and adore him. What a wonderful slut he is. I shall quite enjoy taking his training further in future.


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