Experiments in punishment

Toward the end the weekend it was becoming apparent that my slut was in need of some punishment. He’d cum twice without permission. Although the orgasms followed extended sessions of spanking, paddling and strap-on sex, that was no excuse. He is not permitted to please himself without permission from his Mistress.

First I tried a caning. Without too much of a warm up, I caned his arse good and hard until he cried “mercy Mistress”. Damnit, those must be the most aphrodisiac words in the entire English language LOL. He was given a whipping with the riding crop to his cock, then ordered to go down on me again, which was nice but it hardly qualified as sufficient punishment.

Later I fucked him again with the strap-on. I tried using the butt plug since it’s a little bigger. The small blue dildo is lovely for thrusting away but the base isn’t very large, so it kept slipping out of the harness which can really put you off your rythym. The larger one was nice, though it has a large knob on the end and ridges at the base. A butt plug is, afterall, made to stay up there. Besides, a good arse fucking is hardly punishment.

In the evening I decided to play with my new toy some more. My slut was ordered to use it for me and to lick it clean. I had a great time, and had several orgasms. I was pretty much gushing all over the place. My slut had to sleep on the wet spot… but again that’s not really punishment.

Well, I finally figured it out several days later. One of my slut’s usual tasks is to hand wash my lingerie. In recent days I’ve been leaving my things in the bathroom and washing them myself. He has not been allowed to handle them at all.

Now *that’s* punishment.


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