Duly noted

My statistics page informs me that someone is using the term “strap on sex” to locate this page in a search engine. You dirty little pervert. Does your wife know you’re online trying to engage your fantasies about being fucked up the arse? Have you ever secretly wanted her to pull on a harness, whack in a big 10″ knobbly dildo and ride you like a Melbourne Cup winner? I bet you spend a lot of time imagining her, or maybe that chilly woman in a suit at work, wearing sexy black lace lingerie and a nice hard cock.

You might be kneeling on your bed, wearing a collar or tied up with rope… No, make that tied up with her black silk stockings. She might have a gag on you, so you can moan and scream with the pleasure and pain while she thrusts that mighty organ into your arse again and again.

Of course you don’t have permission to cum. Nor may you touch her. You are simply her toy to fuck with when she feels like it. And no you may not have permission now to cum either, you dirty little man. Go and listen to your wife when she talks to you tonight. Listen to see if she expresses any desire for you to do or buy something. You can go out and do that in service to her. It is appropriate if you ever want any attention to your fantasies for you to treat her as a loved and lovely woman.

It’s such a no-no in cock culture for men to desire to be taken by a woman in authority. Funny that, how it gets preached about and written about in newspapers… but when men get someplace private they log onto the internet and look up ideas to experience their fantasies. If only you knew how many women also have kinky fantasies. And fuck it’s fantastic when we can live them out with our own sluts. Damn, I might go and buy a new dildo this weekend. Heh, it’s probably a bloody Minister who’s searching this LOL.

Is there a cross on the wall or a Bible in the drawer in the bedroom, where you secretly imagine your wife pulling on a rubber glove, lubing it up with cooking fat and slipping her fist up into your tight, tender hole?

You know there are all sorts of theories about Jesus and John being queer. I wonder if Jesus watches when men get fucked up the arse by their Mistresses? I wonder if he fantasised about it? That’s probably why he’s always pictured wearing those long, loose robes. *wink* Mary Magdalene would have known a thing or two about men’s fantasies and anal sex. With a camel hair harness hahaha. Same lube but.

Filthy little perverts.


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