Where’s all the male submission pr0n?

Since my darling slut and myself have been taking photos, we’ve also been looking out for other images of male submission. He has rather a large collection of vintage porn and bondage comics which feature men being spanked, tied up and otherwise tortured by dominant women but we want more. A search of newsgroups and the web returns a squillion images of naked females but bugger all in the way of decent malesub stuff.

Enter Male Submission Art. A brilliant idea by maymay, who is using delicious to source and promote good quality, artistic male submission photography.


Damn, that gives me ideas!

You don'[t have to be young to be hot!

So as you can see, the site is a really, really good idea and deserves a LOT of support. Get snapping!


3 Responses to “Where’s all the male submission pr0n?”

  1. straponcowgirls Says:

    How do I write an email to the owner of this blog?

  2. Maitresse Says:

    Hi, you can leave a note for me here, as you have done. If you wish you can write to MaitresseHecate at gmail dot com though that is checked less frequently.

  3. 🙂 Hi there. I realize I’m a little late to notice this entry but I wanted to send you a thank you for boosting the signal of well-presented imagery of submissive men. As usual, I’m always on the lookout for pictures or other media that promote positive self-image of masculine submission, so if you’d like to contribute something the site, please don’t hesitate to send it in. 🙂 Thanks again.

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