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Silicon strap on abuse

Posted in cock and ball torture, FemDom, fucking the slut with a strap on with tags , , , , on July 2, 2009 by Maitresse

Recently Mistress discovered a new form of torture. My darling slut is a fan of motorcycle racing and will sit up to the wee small hours to watch a Grand Prix. The last one was at Assen in the Netherlands and it looked like being a close race. Toward the end of the race I ordered him to undo his pants and expose himself…. then I rubbed a good handful of deep heat all over his balls and the head of his cock. It was enormously entertaining to watch him unable to sit down properly, jumping around the place making faces. It was a close one, Rossi, Valverde, Stoner and Lorenzo, so he didn’t dare leave the room for a moment. I laughed so hard.

There’s a story going around that when Valentino Rossi goes racing he wears his girlfriend’s underwear. Well, he’s Italian and has won a hundred Grand Prixs so it must be okay.

My slut also likes wearing women’s underwear. We’ve bought him quite a few, with different lace trims and colours. Now he also has a black mini skirt to wear them with, so I have access to him while he’s waiting on me or cooking or worshiping my feet.

Not so long ago we also purchased some new dildo’s for the strap on harness. They make those things out of all sorts of different materials now, from metal and hard plastic to the softest smooth silicon. It’s an amazing texture, a little like smooth skin… To be honest it’s a little wasted on a slut’s arse. Such a dirty little slut who loves to be fucked hard as often as possible really needs a huge black knobbler.

It serves him right to be tied up to the bed, with his knees pulled right up, so he’s immobile and exposed. Another good handful of deep heat or whatever it’s called on the other side of the planet, just to keep his mind on the job, and I can plunge that huge black cock all the way in, right up to the knot. He moans and carries on, of course, because he’s a slut and he can’t get enough. I could probably tie him up there and have half a dozen really hung she-males take turns pumping his hole. Now that would be amusing.

The heat creme is absolutely necessary, of course. It becomes intensely painful but without any pegs or clips or other hardware to get in the way of what Mistress wants to do to her slut. Then a handful of copha to lube up the dildo and fuck the little slut’s arse. I want to enjoy dominating him, it’s about me watching him while he’s bound and helpless, not for him to get off. The heat on his balls is a wonderful addition of pain to the pleasure of Mistress’ attention.

It has the added benefit that when you begin to try to wash it off, it hurts more.