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Foot fetishist

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness on September 9, 2009 by Maitresse

I’ve recently been getting mail from a young man who is quite keen on women’s arches. He was avidly describing for me a scene in which he was permitted to worship the feet of an older woman while another young slut was made to watch him.

In art, bare feet are sometimes used as a metaphor for genitalia… which kind of makes you wonder about all that stuff about Ruth uncovering the feet of Boaz… A new perspective on religious art? Or what’s really going on in the minds of artists forced to work within those constraints.

I rather like having my feet rubbed and kissed. By a trusted slut, of course. It’s a great reward for an obedient submissive male.

black heels kissing 140409


PVC fantasy

Posted in FemDom, fetish wear, orgasmic utensils, sources on September 9, 2009 by Maitresse

As previously mentioned, I rather like wearing PVC fetish gear for a kinky night out.

Thought I’d experiment with linking to some inspiring pics from one of my favourite Australian fetish wear sites…

Nice, huh?

New rope

Posted in FemDom, fucking the slut with a strap on, male submission, my darling slut, rope on a slut on September 9, 2009 by Maitresse

Last week I came across some gorgeous bright purple nylon rope. There’s now 8 metres of it brand new, coiled in my toy bag. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to try it out on my slut this weekend.

I think he’s getting a bit twitchy. He’s been blogging more regularly than I have, good boy, but he’s now ranting about tourists and mountain bikes. Hmmm. Might be time for a tie up and a good hard flogging.

Not that he hasn’t been getting floggings. His arse was quite red quite frequently last weekend when I was working on those new floggers and whips. But he does like to be dropped into sub space heavily from time to time. After we took the photos of him tied up a few months ago, I had wondered what it would look like with lovely bright coloured rope. Now I guess we get the chance to find out, and sort him out at the same time LOL.

We’ve also been working on training his arse. He’s a real arse slut and absolutely loves to have his backside played with, whether it be wax, whips, canes or the strap on. I’ve been gradually working up to fisting him, which is taking a while. In order to progress this, he now has orders to use the butt plug during the week. The dirty little slut sends me text messages on the phone telling me how obedient he’s being!

Now that his cuffs are finished, I can tie him up to the bed again and have another try at fisting and bondage combination. He absolutely adores that. There’s nothing quite like standing over a prone male who’s tied to your bed and grinning maniacally as you pull on and lube up a rubber glove!

We’ll see how good he’s been with his arse training….

What a woman really wants

Posted in FemDom, male submission, my darling slut, rope on a slut with tags , , , , , , , on September 8, 2009 by Maitresse

This has been the subject of a few movies and books, not to mention squillions of crappy magazine articles, over the years. Mostly they come from the perspective within the meta-narrative which casts women as merely suppport actors… props and helpers of men. Some seem to accept living on the margins in the little feminine, passive box, which is their business.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject. It’s a lovely rainy day and I’m relaxing at home with my feet up, daydreaming about having them worshiped by a worthy slave. And another at my side on his hands and knees for me to rest my drink on. And another to serve the drinks… And another with an artistic phisique out on the lawn raking or something.

I like to have doors opened for me. Not because I’m one of “the weaker sex” but because I’m superior and deserve it. I like a male slave to pick up and clean up around the house because it’s his place to serve me. Most of all I like to be respected as the Goddess that I am.

A thrall comes in handy to kneel beside the bed and help slip my feet into five and half inch black patent stiletto shoes before we go out for a fetish night. Or he can wear a rope harness and skirt while he’s making dinner and setting the table.

I like to have a man kneeling at my feet to be flogged, spanked or caned when I’m feeling a little stressed and want to relieve myself. Forget stress balls. A good hard heavy whipping with a long flogger made of fine grain Italian belt leather is just what a woman needs to let off some steam and feel at peace with the world again.

On weekends my own darling slut comes over and serves me like this. It would be really fun to have other slaves around to call on during the week, just when I feel like it.

And fetish nights out are the greatest. There’s nothing like dressing up in black PVC, in a pencil skirt and wasp waisted jacket, like the senior female executive from hell (or heaven). Imagine going in to work in the morning and having to greet Her across half an acre of polished mahogany desk? The sexual tension would be absolutely tangible, but in an office it would all have to be deliciously unspoken. Magic. Almost makes me want to take an executive position managing a legal firm. I’d have a lovely dark office, all teal and antique gold, with ebony furniture heavy enough to double as bondage equipment after hours. Gaggles of males working in the place would wear silk panties and fishnet stockings under their three piece pin striped suits, not to mention the deep welts on their backsides from frequent canings.

Ahem… where was I?

My primary is slim and well groomed, with distinguished silver hair that he likes to refer to as ‘salt and pepper’, he comes up very nicely in basic black for a kinky night out. I put his collar on him and he walks around all night on the end of my leash… It’s been a while since I’ve given him a proper flogging in public which is something that ought to be addressed next time we hit the clubs. Now that the weather’s warming up, he can walk around half naked so I guess I need to order him to get a full body wax too.

Last weekend I made up a couple of whips for a new order. One of them was indeed made from heavy belt leather. It was absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to make another, with a dozen or so half inch tails about two feet long. That will be absolutely thumping! It will bruise a lucky slut just looking at him, muahahaha. Considering I’ve also finished a matching set of cuffs for my darling slut, perhaps we do need to get out and play!

Further thoughts on owning slave males

Posted in fantasy, FemDom, getting all metaphysical, male submission, spanking his arse with tags , , , , on September 7, 2009 by Maitresse

It’s a wonderful thing, being a dominant woman. I am free to be myself and express myself as I choose, regardless of whatever social gender constructs may describe. If I wish to order my slut around and have him do the housework, or belt his arse red with the riding crop, then I can. No bother about whether I’m quiet or submissive, no concern over whether I should or should not speak up in mixed company. No hassles at all about letting men take the lead. They are, afterall, created to worship Mistress.

Female supremacy? Why the hell not?

My darling slut enjoyed his weekend. While I was working on an order of heavy leather floggers he was ordered to do dishes and clean up the yard. While at the sink he had taken his panties off, which became something of a novelty since being ordered around gave him a hard on and he was poking the cupboard doors whilst trying to stand next to the sink. I found this quite amusing. He has a gorgeous big cock and loves to walk around the house naked or in stated of partial undress so I can have easy access to bite, slap or spank him.

At one point he was on his hands and knees picking up leather off cuts and asked me when we were going to get some kinky fuck lawyers as house slaves to do this, and play with. I’m still fantasising about all that….

Mind you, despite the reputation law has for producing prize kinks, there are other professions which are almost as bad. Ministry for instance. How many ministers appear in church every weekend preaching about Jezebel or Mary Magdalen only to spend their time in the quiet hours reading about dominant women, Dominatrices or dreaming about having themselves tied up and fucked by a beautiful African woman with a 12″ strap on? Shame about all that “women must submit” crap, isn’t it? If only you’d been honest perhaps you might have talked your wife into tying you up and whipping your arse, instead of dreaming about it furtively and having to keep up appearances. Too bad for you.

Still, my household may take shape yet. As mentioned in my last post, I’ve set up my paypal account to accept donations from willing sluts who desire to honour Mistress with their devotion. The donate button isn’t working in it’s little box, so I’ll bung it in here and see what happens. The address for donations is

My turn

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The ‘nets, it seems, abound with chatter by submissive males about their desires and drives. Plenty of pr0n too, if you’re looking for it. But it’s not all about demanding pigmales seeking their own pleasure, as if a Mistress were merely a prop to fulfill their fantasies rather than a divine and dominant Woman.

So it’s my turn. Yes, that’s right, Mistress has a fantasy of Her own.

I was looking around my place this week, thinking how nice it would be to have a full time house slave to pick up and clean up after me. Not someone who would demand attention or need to be played with at all. A thrall I could ignore apart from giving orders to wash the dishes or fetch some lotion for my feet. Or clean my dancing shoes.

Come to think of it, I could cope with a whole housefull of such beasts. Educated, professional men, hell, probably all lawyers because we all know how kinky fucking lawyers are… They can pay for the privilege, naturally.

Mistress sets strict hours for them to work. They’re (there’s about four or five of them) home by 6:30 ready to go for a swim before dinner. They are my sous chefs in the kitchen because I am a red hot cook and of course I’m going to be ordering them around rather than doing any work myself. I can dress them in little black and white French maids’ outfits to do the housework or laugh at them while they try to walk in high heels with butt plugs up their tight little white boy arses.

We eat better than most restaurants can provide. We live in luxury, well, Mistress does anyway. We have time for exercise and play. We are a complete kinky household. And Mistress is the Empress who runs the whole show. The male thralls have no interest other than serving and pleasing Her. Oh, there is work of course, for them. They go off to their day jobs acting like they’re simply renting an apartment or perhaps boarding with a householder. They may be wearing silk underwear under their suits if it amuses Mistress to have them do so. They may be wearing a tie She used to bind their balls with the night before. She may of course, completely ignore them other than expecting the board to be paid and the housework done.

On weekends my darling slut comes over and I might amuse myself by having one of the household thralls serve him. Or suck him, since he seems to want his dick sucked LOL. It’s a pretty dick too, as they go. No doubt the dirty little perverts who serve Mistress would love to be bound and forced to suck and lick a beatiful hard 9 inch cock.

Or simply serve drinks and wait on Mistress as she amuses herself with the boys.

I’m rather enjoying this. I’d have a five or six bedroom house in the Eastern suburbs on about half an acre, with glorious gardens and a lovely big veggie patch we could pretty well live out of. There’d be an open fire place to warm my feet by and watch the thralls cleaning. There’d be a *big* kitchen for me to preside over and have the thralls produce exquisite meals every night. There’d be a lovely big lounge to sit in, in the evenings, so the thralls could entertain me with conversation of travel, books or other stories of interest so watching the goddamned idiot box isn’t high on the menu.

In fact, I’m enjoying this so much that I’m going to start exploring the possibility of actually living like this. I’m going to open a paypal donation account and put it on the blog so worthless little shits can put money toward Mistress having new shoes or nice pvc fetish wear… and look toward moving in to a place which would accomodate such a kink “family”.

It is only appropriate, afterall. I am Mistress. Slutty little males may worship me. They may offer presents and devotion to me. I may, if I feel inclined, post photos of the new shoes I’ve bought with the money, but don’t hold your breath. It is most likely that Mistress will merely accept this devotion as her due and completely ignore the males whose duty it is to worship her. They are only submissives and slaves, only males afterall.

There’s now a Paypal link on the right. This is a premier account which accepts credit card payments to

This should be fun!

Maitresse returneth…

Posted in FemDom, getting all metaphysical, male submission on September 2, 2009 by Maitresse

Well. It’s been a while. Don’t read that as an apology. Do you think Mistress has nothing more important to do that write for your amusement? I see you’re still using terms like balls spanking and male submission to find this blog. Does your wife know what you read on the internet, you dirty little pervert?

As it happens, Mistress had a birthday not long ago. It was quite enjoyable. I had my feet worshiped and dinner made for me. The slack little slut even brought over some movies to watch rather than offering to clean my toilet or do other housework. Actually, on his birthday he went so far as to make the suggestion that I submit to him! He asked how it would be if I knelt at his feet and sucked his cock?

Needless to say Mistress scoffed at such a thought. And made the little tart wear his collar and a short skirt all weekend for emphasis. How dare one even think that Mistress might switch!

Mistress does not switch. Mistress does not submit.

I am, fully, a Mistress. Dominant.

you may kneel and kiss my black patent stilettoes in acknowledgment.