Maitresse returneth…

Well. It’s been a while. Don’t read that as an apology. Do you think Mistress has nothing more important to do that write for your amusement? I see you’re still using terms like balls spanking and male submission to find this blog. Does your wife know what you read on the internet, you dirty little pervert?

As it happens, Mistress had a birthday not long ago. It was quite enjoyable. I had my feet worshiped and dinner made for me. The slack little slut even brought over some movies to watch rather than offering to clean my toilet or do other housework. Actually, on his birthday he went so far as to make the suggestion that I submit to him! He asked how it would be if I knelt at his feet and sucked his cock?

Needless to say Mistress scoffed at such a thought. And made the little tart wear his collar and a short skirt all weekend for emphasis. How dare one even think that Mistress might switch!

Mistress does not switch. Mistress does not submit.

I am, fully, a Mistress. Dominant.

you may kneel and kiss my black patent stilettoes in acknowledgment.


2 Responses to “Maitresse returneth…”

  1. Mistress,

    i bow at Your worthy feet…

    Your darling slut

  2. Suppose that puts me out of the question.

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