New rope

Last week I came across some gorgeous bright purple nylon rope. There’s now 8 metres of it brand new, coiled in my toy bag. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to try it out on my slut this weekend.

I think he’s getting a bit twitchy. He’s been blogging more regularly than I have, good boy, but he’s now ranting about tourists and mountain bikes. Hmmm. Might be time for a tie up and a good hard flogging.

Not that he hasn’t been getting floggings. His arse was quite red quite frequently last weekend when I was working on those new floggers and whips. But he does like to be dropped into sub space heavily from time to time. After we took the photos of him tied up a few months ago, I had wondered what it would look like with lovely bright coloured rope. Now I guess we get the chance to find out, and sort him out at the same time LOL.

We’ve also been working on training his arse. He’s a real arse slut and absolutely loves to have his backside played with, whether it be wax, whips, canes or the strap on. I’ve been gradually working up to fisting him, which is taking a while. In order to progress this, he now has orders to use the butt plug during the week. The dirty little slut sends me text messages on the phone telling me how obedient he’s being!

Now that his cuffs are finished, I can tie him up to the bed again and have another try at fisting and bondage combination. He absolutely adores that. There’s nothing quite like standing over a prone male who’s tied to your bed and grinning maniacally as you pull on and lube up a rubber glove!

We’ll see how good he’s been with his arse training….


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