Needles and pins

Wow. My old favourite!

When I was a young girl I used to fantasise constantly about having a man tied up and sticking needles in his penis. At times, the objects of my daydreams were bound and gagged on large dart boards… At other times they’d have their penises used as pin cushions for sewing. Sewing what I don’t quite recall as that doesn’t seem to have been the focus of the fantasy LOL.

The first (fourth) Star Wars movie came out when I was in grade five, and I remember watching it and having lengthy daydreams about torturing Luke Skywalker with that dartboard Hahaha!

Imagine my surprise when I check my stats today and find that some of the most frequent searches recently have been for terms including “needles, Mistress, penis”! Wonderful!

Body art and body mods are becoming quite popular and there’s squillions of self puncture photography out there on the ‘nets… Some of it looks very good, too. But there’s something entirely different about a man being bound, submitting his most intimate parts to the torture of a sadistic Woman With Needles. One can just picture him squirming, helpless, gagged, while She smiles coldly and leans down over his bare flesh with yet another 19 gauge blood needle.

I still have a dozen or so of these in My toybag… Perhaps Mistress should request some willing victims for needle play to add to the gallery?


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