It’s been some time since Mistress made an entry in the blog. Over Summer I’ve been playing with my house slut a little, practising the fisting and assorted other things.

Any time he takes Me out, I cane his arse beforehand and then watch him squirming all evening as he feels the welts.

Presently we’re interviewing malesluts for a second house slave position. It has been most amusing reading all the application letters. Some pigmales mistakenly send letters saying “hi sexy” with a photo of a penis or backside attached. Needless to say Mistress doesn’t bother replying to such forward individuals.

There are those, however, who make polite introductions and address Mistress appropriately as the superior being She is. There have been four or five of these in recent days and Mistress will be screening them over coming weeks.

One of the requirements is for participation in a little fetish photography. It’s been a while since I’ve had the camera out and I’m looking forward to posting some new pics of males in lingerie, stockings and submissive poses.

Here’s hoping Mistress finds some amusing and deserving males to play with.


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