Feeling Mistress

After the house boy came over last week to do the dishes, among other things, my darling slut came over for the evening. For some reason he thought it would be funny for him to be cheeky.

Needless to say I was feeling very Domme and bossy after ordering a man in lingerie around My house all afternoon… So the slut got a bit of a working over. Nothing terribly imaginative. I pulled on My black leather gloves and whipped his arse with an English leather riding crop. Then got a condom out of the drawer, put it on the blue vibrator and fucked him with the vibrator on high LOL.

He was moaning and sighing as he pressed his face into the pillow. Such a slut! I do think he needs more caning. And I need another house boy.

My lovely English leather riding crop. Yes it stings!


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