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Feeling Mistress

Posted in FemDom, male submission, my darling slut, orgasmic utensils with tags , , , on March 25, 2010 by Maitresse

After the house boy came over last week to do the dishes, among other things, my darling slut came over for the evening. For some reason he thought it would be funny for him to be cheeky.

Needless to say I was feeling very Domme and bossy after ordering a man in lingerie around My house all afternoon… So the slut got a bit of a working over. Nothing terribly imaginative. I pulled on My black leather gloves and whipped his arse with an English leather riding crop. Then got a condom out of the drawer, put it on the blue vibrator and fucked him with the vibrator on high LOL.

He was moaning and sighing as he pressed his face into the pillow. Such a slut! I do think he needs more caning. And I need another house boy.

My lovely English leather riding crop. Yes it stings!


PVC fantasy

Posted in FemDom, fetish wear, orgasmic utensils, sources on September 9, 2009 by Maitresse

As previously mentioned, I rather like wearing PVC fetish gear for a kinky night out.

Thought I’d experiment with linking to some inspiring pics from one of my favourite Australian fetish wear sites…

Nice, huh?

Duly noted

Posted in fucking the slut with a strap on, orgasmic utensils with tags , on June 4, 2009 by Maitresse

My statistics page informs me that someone is using the term “strap on sex” to locate this page in a search engine. You dirty little pervert. Does your wife know you’re online trying to engage your fantasies about being fucked up the arse? Have you ever secretly wanted her to pull on a harness, whack in a big 10″ knobbly dildo and ride you like a Melbourne Cup winner? I bet you spend a lot of time imagining her, or maybe that chilly woman in a suit at work, wearing sexy black lace lingerie and a nice hard cock.

You might be kneeling on your bed, wearing a collar or tied up with rope… No, make that tied up with her black silk stockings. She might have a gag on you, so you can moan and scream with the pleasure and pain while she thrusts that mighty organ into your arse again and again.

Of course you don’t have permission to cum. Nor may you touch her. You are simply her toy to fuck with when she feels like it. And no you may not have permission now to cum either, you dirty little man. Go and listen to your wife when she talks to you tonight. Listen to see if she expresses any desire for you to do or buy something. You can go out and do that in service to her. It is appropriate if you ever want any attention to your fantasies for you to treat her as a loved and lovely woman.

It’s such a no-no in cock culture for men to desire to be taken by a woman in authority. Funny that, how it gets preached about and written about in newspapers… but when men get someplace private they log onto the internet and look up ideas to experience their fantasies. If only you knew how many women also have kinky fantasies. And fuck it’s fantastic when we can live them out with our own sluts. Damn, I might go and buy a new dildo this weekend. Heh, it’s probably a bloody Minister who’s searching this LOL.

Is there a cross on the wall or a Bible in the drawer in the bedroom, where you secretly imagine your wife pulling on a rubber glove, lubing it up with cooking fat and slipping her fist up into your tight, tender hole?

You know there are all sorts of theories about Jesus and John being queer. I wonder if Jesus watches when men get fucked up the arse by their Mistresses? I wonder if he fantasised about it? That’s probably why he’s always pictured wearing those long, loose robes. *wink* Mary Magdalene would have known a thing or two about men’s fantasies and anal sex. With a camel hair harness hahaha. Same lube but.

Filthy little perverts.

What is a slut for?

Posted in FemDom, male submission, orgasmic utensils, Sex and horniness with tags , , on June 4, 2009 by Maitresse

Recently I haven’t been torturing my slut a whole lot. Once I’d figured out how to successfully punish him without having to put him in the corner for an hour, which would be boring, I’ve been using him for other things.

Maybe it’s something in the water? Whatever it is Mistress has been feeling Her oats, so to speak. I’ve been quite horny. And when Mistress is horny it is of course a slut’s duty to please her.

Needless to say this particular Mistress is very pleased with her slut. He comes over when he’s told, stays when he’s told, will go down on me quite willingly and serve me while I’m spanking his balls. He keeps himself in good shape and serves me sexually in whatever positions or with whatever toys I desire. It might also be that I’m very pleased in the midst of this cock culture* to have found a real man. A man who is sensitive, affectionate, obedient and treats me like a Queen in my own house.

A Mistress is, after all, not a submissive woman. She is not someone who likes to be taken for granted or pushed around. She certainly doesn’t wanted to be treated as less than human on account of not having a particular appendage. A Mistress is a woman with hopes, dreams and aspirations. She is in charge of her own life and wants to live it fully.

A Mistress should be treated with respect. Mistress desires that her slut obey her commands, worship her body and listen to her wishes. If Mistress desires to have an intelligent conversation or a bit of a laugh over something, then it is also appropriate for a slut to accomodate this.

But lately around here it’s been all sex. Wandering around a warehouse full of sex toys might have rubbed off on me. How fortunate that I have a suitable slut to meet all my requirements. The other night he spent an hour or so rubbing my feet and back before being ordered in to my bed. I got on top for a while after he’d licked me, allowing him to worship the sacred cunt of a Priestess, to offer his submission to myself and my Goddess. After I’d had a couple of small orgasms he licked me again. That’s an amazing feeling that, to have a man’s mouth on you, licking and kissing, after penetration. I enjoy lying back on the bed with my legs spread to welcome his attention. It’s a perfect winding down after sex.

Now that I think about it, I’d better order him over again this weekend.

*In which men are influenced by “lad mags” etc. into believing they can treat women as some kind of portable toilets.**

**That is, a receptacle they can jerk off into then walk away from without any genuine respect or appreciation.

This weekend of experimentation, second installment

Posted in cock and ball torture, fucking the slut with a strap on, orgasmic utensils, spanking his arse with tags , , , , on May 24, 2009 by Maitresse

Yesterday I was having a read of Bitchy Jones’ diary. She’s a great writer and reading her thoughts on ‘the filth‘ was quite entertaining.

Of course I love men all smeared in grime. Dirt and mud and engine oil. Hard labour produces sweat and smudges.

Mmmm… A sexy man covered in grease and sweat. How convenient for me that I happened to have one in the backyard. My darling slut is a mechanic, among other things, which means that as well as great sex, submission, masochism and assorted other delightful fetishes I get to drool over him getting all sweaty in the workshop.

As you may have noticed I prefer my slut fairly fresh, shaven and naked in my bed rather than being too grimy. I want the slut ready to serve me in bed at any time I so desire… which tends to be after I’ve spanked or whipped him. And you don’t want engine grease all over the good bondage ropes. Still, Ms Jones has a point. Sweaty, physical slaves can be very attractive.

This weekend was the perfect time to expand Mistress’ toy bag. I decided I wanted a new vibrator. For a little while I’ve had my eye on one of Doc Johnson’s Flowers Swirl Daisy vibrators. It isn’t very big or terribly thick, but it has a lovely pattern and the little switch is smoothly connected to the body. As it turns out the flower texture might be a touch too raised for when you get really carried away and want to fuck it hard… but overall I’m happy with it. Except that now I do want to get myself a larger, thicker one. Something that takes D cells and will chip my teeth.

We rode my slut’s Kawasaki up to the sex shop and spent probably an hour looking at absolutely everything. The strap on harnesses were particularly inspiring. My slut loves having his arse fucked or fingered. That’s one of the reasons why he’s such a slut, heh. Turns out he already owned one. To punish him for not telling me about this earlier or getting it out for me to play with, I put it on when we got home and wore it around the house most of the evening. He was ordered to kneel before me and suck it though somehow that didn’t seem like punishment.

Another toy my slut had hidden away was a paddle. As we sat together in the evening, me wearing the strap on, I spanked his cock again. After beating his cock until it began to bruise, I put him over my knee and started warming him up with the paddle on his arse.
bruises 240509 350

After a good warmup I got out my yellow cane and took to him. Stroke after heavy stroke brought out long purple welts all over his pale flesh. I must have been neavy handed in my anticipation and arousal, because it wasn’t long before he was begging for mercy. I put the cane down for a time and held him gently in my arms.

Then I fucked his arse.

It’s the first time I’ve used one of those recent strap on harnesses. They’ve become a lot more comfortable and practical than they used to be. With this harness and a lovely smooth blue jelly dong I was able to keep at it for ages, behind him, thrusting hard into him while he groaned and begged me to fuck him harder. The silicon lubes aren’t all that great in comparison to good old copha, but it was still a fun arse fucking.

cock cropping 240509 350

After I was satisfied that I’d fucked him hard enough, I ordered him to serve me again. He only licked me for a little while before I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Maybe it’s something in the water? Or the Venus Mars conjunction… whatever it is I’ve been all but insatiable in recent days. My slut has been similarly aroused, he was so wound up after the caning and strap on that I only had to begin talking dirty and he was suddenly withdrawing and apologising that he was cuming already without my permission.

I laughed and held him close for some time. He serves me so well and so enthusiastically, in whatever form I want… such a wonderful slut and I adore him. I did order his to lick it all up, but again, that hardly seemed like punishment.

Now we need another trip to the sex shop for another couple of dongs for the strap on. I’m also planning on making one up myself, in leather. I want the scent of leather in the air when I next take him for my pleasure.