It’s 4pm on Thursday and Gabriel’s home from work early again. He brushes his hair out of its customary pony tail and pulls on some jeans, preparing to hang around the house distractedly, wasting time, pretending to read. If he wasn’t waiting for a phone call he could go to the gym and run off about 15 or 20k’s.

He looks at himself in the mirror. At 45 Gabriel doesn’t think he’s doing too badly. Life, work, recreation… except for that nagging little itch that there might be more to it. The phone chimes to advise of an incoming message. Gabriel pauses for a moment to gather himself. It doesn’t do to be too keen, he feels, when you’re a grown up. It might be uncivilised. Upon checking the message however, he finds himself grinning in anticipation. This is the one he’s been waiting for.

Sitting on her antique four poster bed, Ellen is listening to some Marilyn Manson while she paints her toenails. One day she’ll train a sub to do this. In the meantime she amuses herself by beating up arrogant little tarts who send her rude emails boasting about their pain thresholds. It’s all good fun until they feel a cane on their balls. Yawn.

Today Ellen has plans for something a little different. A genteel University professor she met a few months ago has been patiently conversing online and inviting her to tea in odd little cafes. The first time she met him, he was wearing a tweed jacket, of all things, as if he might be a character in a Dan Brown novel. Ellen smiles at the memory.

At the very least his manners are remarkable. Despite his obvious nervousness, Gabriel had ordered a pot of green tea for them both, then proceeded to serve her politely. Ellen regards him as being pretty shy, but with some potential. He’s not too clingy or demanding, rather polite, reserved and intellectual. Ellen is quietly intrigued by the possibility of opening up some of that reserve. It is, after all, the quiet ones you’re supposed to watch.

Since he has Thursday afternoons off this semester and Ellen is bored with the puppies, She decides it might be time for a scene. The txt message Ellen sends asks if he’s available to meet with a view to play.

The reply suggests an obscure Mongolian place to meet nearby and discuss further. Ellen accepts with a smile.

The cafe is painted mostly red, with a row of dark, distressed wooden tables and chairs running down one side of its narrow length, and several more on the footpath outside in the shade of an avenue of oak trees. It’s part of a little village of liberal bohemia that has mushroomed in the vicinity of the Uni. The kind of place inhabited by academics and inner urban types the papers love to stereotype as leftist elites. The ‘leftist elites’ consider this to be dreary and unimaginative petty politics.

Ellen is sitting inside and watches Gabriel enter. It’s a little windy and his hair is slightly messy. This time he’s dressed his strong, gracile frame in a patterned shirt, with a bit of blue to match his eyes, and some faded jeans. The fabric moves over the muscles in his long legs and Ellen finds herself observing this with some interest. Looking up she realises he’s waiting for her to invite him to be seated. This gives her a slightly warm rush. Ellen smiles and pushes the chair out with her foot.

Gabriel has walked to the cafe talking to himself, trying to relax and simply let things play out. This flies right out of his head when he sees Ellen. She always appears to him to be so confident, and he feels disappointed with himself that he’s awkward because of his intentions toward her. Her long brown hair is tied off her face at the top, enough to frame it softly. She has striking cheekbones and deep, intelligent green eyes. Over a fitted top she’s wearing a long, black lace overshirt with some subtle frills on the sleeves, framing delicate wrists and capable, manicured hands. Gabriel finds this detail surprisingly erotic.

For five or ten minutes they make small talk about the weather and whatever music they’ve been listening to, until Ellen decides it’s time to change location and mind frame. Gabriel is happy to suggest returning to his place, he’s expended substantial effort cleaning up and is secretly dying to undress for her.

They walk together in the late afternoon sunshine back to his place. There’s a large yard with a high fence, Ellen observes. She briefly considers potential for some outdoor bondage. Or bees.

Gabriel invites her in and shows her to the lounge. It’s a mostly brown, bachelor kind of affair, with a forties style suite that has lathed wooden arms. Lots of bookshelves, naturally, and a well worn round coffee table. There’s a poster of some computer generated psychedelic fractal art on one wall.

Ellen takes herself on a brief tour around the place, looking in the door of the study and bedroom. The bed frame is heavy wood with legs that will beautifully facilitate bondage. There’s a couple of pair of black silk stockings in the toy bag for this very purpose. She is aware that she’s invading his space and surreptitiously observes his response. When he’s off balance his usual tactic is to wait for things to play out a bit and quietly consider. This has half his workmates thinking he’s slow and the other half thinking he’s considered and intelligent. Ellen thinks he’s aroused and waiting for her to demand that he kneel down naked and start kissing her feet.

For the last few weeks since their first meeting, Gabriel has been finding himself distracted, thinking about submitting to her. It’s a long time since he was a kid jerking off over stolen playboys, but sure enough after that initial contact he found himself lying in bed with a hard on that simply would not go away. As his inner critic was having a field day in his head, Gabriel pictured himself tied up and being gently tortured by her, to orgasm.

Now he’s standing in the doorway as Ellen seats herself in a chair in his lounge room and he wonders if he can kneel. She looks up and looks him over. He is a little frozen in uncertainty and delicious anticipation.

With a smile Ellen inclines her head and invites him nearer. “Are you going to wear all those clothes all night?” Gabriel begins fumbling with shirt buttons.

“Why don’t you kneel down here so I can have a closer look at you?” He adjusts his pants and kneels, then finishes removing his shirt. His hair has come loose from its tie and falls down around his broad shoulders.

Kneeling there half naked, Gabriel can’t quite believe he’s actually doing this. He keeps his eyes lowered because he feels deeply embarrassed that he wants it so much. There’s a slight red flush beginning to creep up his cheeks. Ellen watches with delight.

At her feet is this stunning blonde, half naked and just about beside himself from the looks of it. She takes her time looking. He’s lean and well muscled, this here is an active body. Ellen is feeling more than a little aroused herself. She crosses and uncrosses her legs, feeling the warmth and wetness. For a moment she contemplates how to unfold the scene…

As Gabriel remains silent and kneeling, Ellen stands and walks around him. She runs the tips of her sharp nails over his shoulders and then slowly up his neck. A visible shudder runs through him.

Squatting down behind him, Ellen runs her nails over his belly and up, pinching his left nipple. Gabriel has his eyes closed and struggles not to make any sound. Ellen grins at the look on his face and finds herself more and more horny. She wants his lean body in a short girlie skirt serving her sexually.

Ellen sits back in the chair and says with a smile, “open the toy bag for me.”

He does this and kneels in front of it. Ellen pushes his knees a little further apart with her foot and laughs as he blushes. He’s fighting a losing battle to maintain his composure and she’s enjoying every moment of it. She can make this last all night.

“There’s some cotton rope in there, why don’t you get it out?” Gabriel begins searching through the contents of the bag, encountering with some horror the heat cream and packaged sterile needles. There’s a couple of other things in there he doesn’t recognise and is suddenly guiltily curious about. One of them is a twitch.

He hands Mistress the length of soft rope and waits, trying to breathe slowly. Her soft hands are warm on his skin as she feels him again, as if he were some yearling colt at auction being appraised. She sits in his lounge chair and orders him to strip completely. With his heart in his throat he complies.

Ellen finds to her surprise that he’s even better than she imagined. He has a gorgeous 9 inch cock, and thick around too. He kneels naked, with his knees spread wide apart, and this beautiful big hard on standing at attention for her. Oh gods, how perfect. She laughs and squirms in her seat a little. Even his bush is blonde. Damn, she’s going to enjoy this!

Gabriel watches as Mistress reaches down and runs her hand over his cock, feeling it’s length and hardness. A low sigh escapes him. He feels like she owns him. He feels like some kind of property, like a pet of some kind that exists to please her. His heart is pounding and his mind is all but blank as he immerses himself in the sensation of her handling his body like so much meat.

Ellen binds his wrists together with the rope and then takes up a heavy black leather collar. “See this?” She says as she holds it up. “I’m putting this on you for the scene. It means I own you for now. You’re going to be my slut for the night.” He lowers his eyes in mute acceptance as his heart pounds.

She takes the ends of the collar and holds it up. With bound hands he holds his hair out of the way somewhat and lowers his head. Ellen feels her own breath catch a little as he submits himself to the collar. As her fingers fasten the buckle she feels the red rush of her power over him.

With her hand in his hair, she pushes his face down. He bends willingly and starts kissing her black patent leather stilettos. Ellen sighs to herself and savours the exquisite pleasure of domination. There’s a knot of burning desire and power in her gut and a flash of heat between her legs.

After a minute she sits again, and directs him to move around a little so she can reach his backside while he’s kissing her feet. He’s so eager now. All his embarrassment is forgotten in the joy of submitting to a Mistress. He carefully removes her shoes, placing them to one side, and continues sucking and kissing. Ellen runs her hand down his back and between his cheeks, feeling his balls and taking full advantage of his submissive position. She smiles as she feels his breathing grow heavy with arousal.

Ellen runs her hand over his perfect round arse. She slaps him. He pauses for a moment, with a short little moan stifled in the back of his throat. As he resumes his kisses, she slaps him again. He twitches slightly and drops his head. Ellen smiles and takes a minute to enjoy this. She waits for him to continue worshiping her feet, making sure he can see her pulling on some rubber gloves, and runs her hand over him some more.

This time she rubs between his cheeks and around his hole. He’s sighing short, quiet little moans as she slips her finger in and feels the heat of his flesh. His head drops again as he submits to her invasion. With a shuddering breath he kneels there at her feet. She skewers him, thrusting her finger deep into his willing flesh. As she draws it out he shudders again and writhes silently.

Ellen uses one foot to push his face away. She tells him to sit up and find the little pink skirt in the toy bag. He looks at her for a moment, before realising he has no choice in the matter. Sure enough, there is a girlie little cotton skirt, with a rib waist and gathered pink frills not much wider than a belt. Gabriel blushes as he pulls this on, fumbling it with his bound hands, over his legs and past his erect cock. He kneels again while Mistress inspects the results. She tells him to lean back a little, so that his erection juts up from under the short skirt. Ellen is greatly amused by this and taps the head of his cock to watch it bob and twitch. Gabriel kneels in subjection, drinking in the sensation of being bound and handled by his Mistress. He is soaking in the moment, giving himself up to her. The smell of the leather collar around his throat is like a drug.

There’s a riding crop in the toy bag and Ellen reaches for that now. She smiles broadly as Gabriel is nervously eyeing it. The pupils of his eyes are so dilated that they appear dark blue. “Face on the floor.” She tells him, and his defenseless body is once again presented for her use.

With a few quick strokes she begins warming up his skin. He’s tense to the pain initially, but quickly embraces the sensation. Ellen pauses for a moment and runs a hand over his back. As he relaxes a little she brings the crop down again. The leather flap on the end slaps loudly and he jumps. The red marks begin to appear and Ellen smiles. The quiet, slender professor kneeling on the floor sighs a little sough of pleasure in the back of his throat and waits in delectable expectation, with his arse in the air, for her to continue.

In one of their early meetings Ellen had brought up the notion of arse play and penetration. He’d squirmed in his seat a little and reluctantly admitted to the fantasy. That night he’d had dreams of leaving the back door unlocked and a stranger approaching in the dark.

Ellen is watching his body now as his breathing deepens and he writhes slightly to the feel of the crop. She wants to warm him up a little and give him a good spanking. She wants to pull that neatly made bed apart and lay there with her legs spread so he can suck and lick her to orgasm with a collar on his neck and the sting of red welts burning on his arse.

Gabriel is absolutely immersed in the situation. He waits, feeling the heat in his skin, for her to touch him again, or hit him, or anything she desires. As she pauses, he moves to resume kissing her feet. Instead of the crop he feels her hand running over his now warm arse and over his hole. He moans openly now and feels his cock twitch, his body tense with excitement.

Mistress is laughing and tells him to kneel on hands and knees while she plays with him a little. She makes a mental note to get a blue skirt next time, to match his beautiful blue eyes. His face is flushed and his hair is a mess falling down over his eyes. Ellen seriously wants satisfaction tonight. She pushes her finger inside him again and strokes in and out, impaling his body again.

He closes his eyes and arches his back to offer her easier access. With a little lube now, she uses two fingers and gets into the rhythm, pumping him. Gabriel drops his head onto his hands and submits to the violation. He’s panting through his mouth now and grunting a little as she thrusts into his body. The sensation of being opened and impaled by his Mistress is almost overwhelming. The heat of the crop marks on his skin only adds to the erotic power of her riding his arse. She’s whispering to him that he’s beautiful when he submits so completely to her. With tears in his eyes, he desires nothing else.

Squatting on the floor behind and over him, she feels her own face growing warm, certainly she is warm down below. She pumps with her hips a little as she fucks him with her hand and delights in the supremacy and control over the sub. Grinning, Ellen shoves her fingers hard up inside him, feeling his body open and given to her.

After a few minutes of this Ellen pulls the rubber glove off and grabs a handful of his hair, pulling his head back so she can see his face. Gabriel’s eyes are closed and he leans back gracefully, offering his body to her. Ellen smiles and grabs his cock as it pokes out from under the skirt. He’s so hot and so very thick and hard. She pinches up some of his foreskin and pulls it.

Gabriel had told her it’s been ages since he’s been involved with anyone. Somehow he got distracted by work and years went by. Now his body is remembering being touched and he’s willingly giving himself up for it. The feeling of her hands on him, her fingers inside him, his cock is throbbing and so incredibly swollen he aches. She has her hand in his hair and he’s leaning back to expose his belly and his hardness. The feeling of submission to this woman is like magic running through his veins. The collar around his neck like the binding of his body and soul for her pleasure. He moans, not concerned with trying to keep silent now. His body twitches and there’s a drop of precum on the head of his cock.

Ellen twists it now, “no orgasm for you, yet, my little slut.” But it’s too late. He groans aloud and his body lurches as he surges in release. Hot cum spurts up into the air and all over his belly and the little pink skirt. Ellen tightens her grip in his hair and holds him while he pumps and cries out in ecstasy.

Gabriel feels he dies a little as he kneels there held by his Mistress. In a long moment of bliss he kneels there, panting. The surge of pleasure runs all the way up his spine.

After a minute or two he realises Ellen is sitting beside him, watching. He looks up. She stares into those bright blue eyes and raises one eyebrow. He realises he’s in trouble.

“I didn’t give you permission for that, did I?” She asks. She’s smiling, but somehow he feels that its not for him to laugh at. Ellen traces a finger down over his belly, through the pearly white cum that’s all over him. She raises her finger to his mouth and his eyes widen in horror. He tries to turn his face away, but she still has a handful of his hair. Ellen’s not terribly concerned that he went over the line. Now there’s this cum to play with. Watching him orgasm from having his arse fucked is something of a turn on for her. It’s not completely unexpected but adds to the intrigue of the scene.

“And you were doing so well,” she continues. “Such a beautiful little subbie you are, so willing, but you need to learn to wait, my dear. You do want to please Mistress, don’t you?” He’s caught in the 1,000 watt gaze and can’t move. Like most boys raised in religious schools he has been taught that this is disgusting and wouldn’t dream of tasting the emission of his body.

Ellen smiles and takes a little taste herself. It’s salty, warm and so alive. She grins. “It’s your body, it’s beautiful.” She tells him, wiping up a large drop off his skin. Staring straight into his eyes she brings her finger up to his mouth and watches him while he sucks it.

Gabriel is transfixed in the feelings of humiliation and yet liberation. He does as he’s told and he loves it. She owns his body and soul now. He eagerly licks and sucks her finger, cleaning the cum off his body.

Reaching for the riding crop once more, Ellen informs him that he’s going to be further disciplined. Gabriel lowers his head to be whipped. His beautiful smooth arse is already pink from the crop, but this time Ellen gives him a real hiding. She brings the black leather riding crop down overhand, striking him repeatedly on both cheeks. He is gritting his teeth and clenching his hands under his face. Already his cock is growing hard again.

Watching his skin redden, Ellen feels hotter and hotter herself. She stands back for a moment to admire her work. He’s tense but silent as he kneels there accepting the punishment. The pink skirt is ridden up around his waist, leaving his red arse and balls exposed. Ellen smiles to herself and runs her hand over the hot skin. “Gods you’re gorgeous.” She tells him. “What a beautiful little slut you are.”

Ellen tucks the crop under her arm and grabs a couple of the stockings from her toy bag. “On second thoughts,” she decides, “bring the whole bag.” She steps over his body and watches him gather up the bag and stand up. He flicks his hair back off his face and waits for her instruction. Her eyes are wandering over his body admiring it. She looks him in the eye. “It’s time for you to serve me in bed.”

In the bedroom Ellen sees the tweed jacket lying on the end of the bed, the old-fashioned blue and grey farmer’s jacket he sometimes wears to work. She brushes it out of the way and tells Gabriel to kneel on the bed so she can tie one end of a silk stocking to his ankle. He perches there and submits to the bondage. His cock is hard again and thrusting out from under the skirt. Ellen leans down and takes it in her mouth for a moment. Gabriel gasps and leans back a little to offer his body to her.

Ellen runs her tongue once or twice around the head of his cock and takes one long, hard suck. Just as he closes his eyes and moans, she pulls back a little, sucking his foreskin between her lips. She bites down on it. Gabriel shudders and cries out a little, but holds his position there before her. He’s whimpering short little moans and gripping the bedcover in his fists.

Mistress releases him and ties the silk stocking to the leg of the bed. He’s now bound there. She unties his hands and slowly slips off her lace shirt and top. She lies back on the bed beside him, looking up at him. “You’re my slut, aren’t you?” He nods an affirmative response. “You’re going to please me tonight like a good little slut.”

Gabriel nods again, “yes Mistress,” he says hoarsely. Ellen smiles. Arching her back she slips the skirt down over her hips and moves back a little further up the bed. Her legs are right in front of him now.

“You can remove my stockings for me.” Ellen lifts her leg slightly so he can reach around and undo the clips. It takes him a moment and then she’s lying there in black lace underwear. Her breasts aren’t large, but she’s not wearing any padding. Simply a soft, see through lace bra that embraces her beautifully.

Gabriel swallows and stares at her soft, womanly curves. He feels the silk stocking tied around his ankle, tying him to the bed where she’s lying. His arse is burning hot and sticky with lube where she’s penetrated him, which is insanely arousing.

“Come here and take my bra off.” Gabriel does as he’s told and finds himself lying beside his Mistress. She smiles at him and runs one hand over his face softly. “You can start with my tits,” she tells him.

Gabriel runs one hand down her chest and gently cups one soft breast. He watches as she closes her eyes and waits for him to serve her. Kneeling now, he continues gently rubbing while he licks and sucks the nipple on the other. Ellen rubs her knees together and writhes slowly on the bed, lapping it up.

“You’re not to come,” she tells him with a smile. “I want you going down on me and serving me. When I’m satisfied then I’ll think about whether you get to come.” Gabriel shudders with an involuntary twitch as he accepts her orders. He licks ever so gently around the erect pink nipple and kisses it softly. He feels Mistress’ body warm and soft moving next to him and delights in the sensation of service.

Ellen relaxes and soaks up the pleasure of his attentions. Her nipples are hard and her clit feels swollen and sensitive too. She’s so very wet with anticipation and the hot satisfaction of having him in her power, at her feet. He’s going to do all the work and she intends to get full enjoyment from it. His willingness to submit to her and obey commands, accepting discipline, is a perfect rush.

After some minutes she slaps his face gently away from her chest and points to him to go down. Starting right down at her feet, Gabriel rubs with his hands and kisses her skin, slowly, slowly working his way up her beautiful legs.

The sensation of his soft hands on her body is absolutely divine. Ellen raises her arms over her head and lies back with her eyes closed. Bending one knee, she parts her legs so her hot cunt is right in his face. She can smell her sex, she’s so wet.

Gabriel runs one hand up over her soft skin, up into her bush and gently rubs her clit with his thumb. She moans softly and spreads her legs further to embrace his mouth. The smell of Mistress’ sex is so spicy and intoxicating he can’t wait to taste her. His erect cock twitches in his arousal as he puts his mouth to her hot, soft lips and kisses her cunt deeply.

Ellen arches her back and presses herself into him. “Suck, slut,” she orders him. And he does. The taste of her sex is salty and tart. She’s very wet as Gabriel slides his tongue deep between her lips and then sucks hard on her clit. She is so wound up already from beating and fingering him that it only takes one good suck to take her over the edge. Arching her back and groaning out loud, Ellen revels in the waves of pleasure that shake her body. She grabs a handful of his hair just to grip while the muscles deep inside her contract and her orgasm rolls over and over her.

Gabriel lies silently with his face beside Mistress’ bush as she’s moaning in her release. He’s close to coming again himself. He licks his lips to taste the liquor of her body, basking in the sensation of her domination and his service to her.

Feeling the power of the first orgasm Ellen realises she’s in for a good night. She lies there for a moment feeling the release and the presence of the man at her side. She lets go of his hair.

Eventually she opens her eyes again. “Grab the pink toy out of the bag for me.” Gabriel looks in the bag and before long finds a hot pink vibrator. It’s 8” long and quite thick, but not as big as his hard cock. She gives him orders and he returns to suck her clit again, this time using the dildo instead of his tongue to penetrate her.

Gabriel serves his Mistress with the toy. He licks and sucks according to her directions, stroking her repeatedly with the pink dildo. The toy slides deep inside her, slipping in all the way and slowly he strokes it out again. He feels the resistance when her muscles clench and she holds it tightly, feeling the surge of pleasure. He pushes harder to stick it up into her body and she moans out loud and encourages him.

Ellen yells as she peaks again and he eagerly licks up the wetness that follows her orgasm. The taste of her is exquisite. He has the cream from her body all over his face and in his hair, from where she’s cum and bucked her hips in his face.

Gabriel is dying to mount her and offer her his own cock in place of the toy, but has to wait in growing frustration watching her cum again. Despite his arousal she reminds him that he’s to serve her, not please himself and he submits willingly.

Feeling her hand resting on his, Gabriel looks up. Mistress waves to him to put the toy aside, which he does. She brings her legs together and rolls over on her side. The sub waits, hoping she hasn’t finished and discarded him.

Opening her eyes sleepily, Ellen smiles and reaches down to run her fingers through his blonde hair. She grabs a handful and pulls his face up toward her. “Come here, you.” She murmurs and draws him near.

Gabriel is fighting back his own desires as he lies near her, feeling the warmth of her skin. The silk stocking tied to his ankle is digging in to his skin as he stretches out on the bed beside her. She’s so near, he feels like he’ll come as soon as she touches him. Reaching down under the pink skirt that is looking decidedly the worse for wear by now, she digs her nails into his balls and grips. He gasps and squirms. She laughs at him.

A moment later he looks down to see her watching him. Slowly he leans toward her and kisses her. Ellen wraps her arms around his broad, strong shoulders and draws him in. He fumbles for a moment with the dirty pink fabric. His cock is so big she laughs in surprise. She can feel the thickness of that thing as he brings it up against her. He pauses there, waiting for her order. Ellen slowly brings her hips up and impales herself on his huge cock. Gabriel shudders and begins to move, serving her with his body, stroking and pumping her slowly.

Ellen digs her nails into his back and arches. She grips him tightly with her body and writhes, feeling the thickness of him, savouring the slow intense feeling of penetration. His neck and shoulders are right in her face. She tastes his skin, licking him slowly, then digs her teeth in and bites hard on his upper arm. Ellen wants to leave a mark on him, as her property. He gasps in pain but doesn’t pull away.

Taking his weight on his elbows, Gabriel lies with his eyes closed, focussed on the feeling of covering and servicing his Mistress. He thrusts his hips and feels her body open and embracing him. Feels the slip of the wetness of her cunt. He groans and a sweat breaks out on him, but he keeps his rhythm and strokes her, giving himself to her.

Biting her lip, Ellen wraps her legs around his waist while he strokes her. She can feel the length of him deep, deep in her and again she cries out as the pleasure surges through her body. Gabriel’s breath comes in sobs as he holds her. He’s not permitted to come, though he’s so close. It would be nothing to thrust once more and come himself. She’d probably cane him again, or punish him with some other torture. But it’s not the thought of punishment that keeps him in restraint. He’s submitted to his Mistress and desires to please her. He holds her gently and feels her body arching and writhing in pleasure. He feels the heat and wetness of her embracing him and surrenders to it.

Her legs are so strong she can hold him there as she arches her back and rotates her hips in one long, erotic slither. Gabriel kisses her neck gently, repeatedly. After some minutes of basking in the pleasure of her orgasm, Ellen digs her nails into his back and brings her hips up again, demanding he more.

Gabriel tries to concentrate on the heat in his arse and the stinging pain where she has bitten his arm. The leather collar around his neck is sticky now with sweat and feels tight. He is utterly in her power and fears to disappoint her, but the feel of the hot, slippery wetness of her cunt and the strength of her body threaten to push him over the edge. Her sharp nails now dig into the raw skin on his arse and he sobs loudly.

With a long, shuddering sigh, Ellen releases him. She brings up one foot and pushes his hip, so he’s forced to kneel back between her legs. His face is flushed and smiling, his cock is hard, hot and wet, throbbing and painful.

Gabriel waits while Mistress hugs herself and shivers a little. She sits up in one graceful, feline movement, facing him as he’s still kneeling, with her legs either side of him. He’d love nothing more than to push her gently back onto the pillows and impale her again, riding her to the finish. His body is so tense he feels he can barely move.

Ellen gently brushes his face, running her hand down his chest. He moans slightly, wants to beg her for release but he can’t speak.

Gabriel kneels there, with his hands resting on his knees. Ellen rummages in the toy bag again for something. As she sits up, he sees she has some kind of harness. A look crosses her face and he sees she’s considering something. After a moment she makes up her mind and returns to place herself in front of him again. She was going to pull on the strap on and ride him properly, but with him kneeling there all dishevelled and sweaty, still hard, with her collar around his neck, she was overcome with the desire to use that lean body herself once more.

Slowly she kisses his face, pressing her soft mouth to his and kissing him deeply, tasting the salt of her own sex in his mouth. Holding his shoulders she brings one leg up and is kneeling over him, impaling herself again on his beautiful long cock. He’s her toy and she smiles as she sinks down, feeling his hardness, his perfect and complete submission to her use of him.

He moans and twitches with pleasure as she’s kissing him and slowly begins riding him. Her hips rock up onto him, thrusting hard and deep. He wraps his arms around her waist and holds her gently while she fucks him.

Gabriel bites his lip and throws his head back. His body pumps involuntarily, as if it serves his Mistress of it’s own will, but he’s struggling to hold back. He can taste the slight metallic taste of blood in his mouth, it’s painful but not enough to distract him from the feeling of her strong body riding him. He can smell her sex and feel her breasts pressed against his chest as she thrusts again and again.

Suddenly she stops, with his cock buried deep inside her, shuddering and groaning. He feels the grip of her muscles as she climaxes yet again. With tears in his eyes Gabriel holds her as she draws a deep breath.

After the tremors subside Ellen presses her face into his neck and sighs deeply. She feels a little indulgent using him repeatedly like that, but why waste such a beautiful hard cock. Why waste such a compliant submissive.

At her side lies the strap on harness. Ellen picks it up and shows it to him. “Seen these before?” He shakes his head. “I was going to fuck you to orgasm,” she tells him, “but I have another idea.”

Gabriel doesn’t know whether to be disappointed or horrified. The harness is complete with a hard ten inch black rubber dildo. The thought of bending over while she fucks his arse with that is strangely arousing, but he can’t imagine being impaled on something that big. He feels his cheeks clenching in fear.

Ellen rolls off him with a big smile and lies on the bed happily. She admires her beautiful sub with his messy hair and the collar around his neck. After a bit of a misfire he certainly turned out to be satisfactory in the service department.

Thinking on how to wind things up, she pulls herself up on the bed and leans on a couple of pillows, with her long legs stretched out. Her body feels supple, warm and relaxed now that all the tension has been released.

Ellen pats the bed beside her. “Lie down here.”

Gabriel moves a little awkwardly, as his erection is still at full attention and the stocking binding him to the bed is stretched. He lies on his back as directed. Ellen runs her hand down over his belly proprietarily.

“I think you could use some release,” she suggests. Gabriel is more than pleased to hear this and reaches up to gently touch her face, but she’s laughing at him. “I have an idea.” Leaning down to kiss his neck, Ellen presses her face up against the warmth of his skin and breathes in the smell of him, sweaty and salty. “I want to watch you satisfy yourself.” She tells him.

Gabriel frowns for a moment trying to work out what she means. She’s smiling again. He blinks. He slowly reaches down to brush his hand over the top of his bush. “That’s right, your own body. I want to watch you cum. You have such a beautiful body and it’s such a natural thing. You’ll do that to please your Mistress, won’t you?”

In a kind of haze of disbelief Gabriel finds himself agreeing. For years the thought of this has been accompanied by a kind of innate guilt, but somehow with her watching him, it’s desirable. Why would she want to watch that? He’s horribly embarrassed, but so hard and so frustrated that he can’t argue.

Closing his eyes Gabriel runs his hand down and grasps his erection, stroking it slowly. He’s all too aware of her presence and the thought of her watching is putting him off. He felt a moment ago that a sneeze would send him off, but now his cock is throbbing and painful and he can’t seem to get into it.

Ellen watches the frown on his face and guesses what’s going through his head. She thinks its a waste for such a potentially good submissive to be alienated from his own body like this. She decides to be sympathetic and help change his mind a little. Taking his free hand she brings it up to her mouth and sucks on his middle finger gently.

He opens his eyes in surprise to see what she’s doing, and in a moment the realisation sinks in. Gabriel’s face flushes a little, but she’s got him. She looks deep into his eyes and watches while he strokes, slowly, then more quickly and his body finally finds it’s release with a thrust and a loud groan.

Hot cum spurts up onto his belly again and all over the bed. He moans and shudders in pleasure. His reserve and quietness lies in shards now as his body is wracked with spasms of release. Arching back, Gabriel abandons himself to wave after wave of bliss. Ellen’s mouth is now on his, kissing him deeply and telling him how beautiful he is. She laughs at how loud he suddenly becomes. He groans again as his body shivers in pleasure.

Gabriel holds her for a long time, silently.

Eventually he opens his eyes and looks down at her. She runs a hand through her hair and brushes it back off her face. “I’d say you were pretty good at that.” She tells him with a smile.

He smiles indulgently and hugs her. He wants to sleep there in that perfect wake of satisfaction.

Ellen is getting up though. She’s finished with him, he realises. Lowering his eyes, Gabriel sits up and helps her gather her clothing. It takes a minute to sink in that this is a scene and he’s to submit to her, in spite of himself. He wonders what it would be like to have a Mistress as a partner. Do they become partners?

As she dresses he takes off the crushed and dirty pink girlie skirt, fumbling with the stocking that is still tied around his ankle. He lies back on the bed, naked. His tall frame and beautiful body invite Mistress to reconsider and stay a little longer.

Standing and surveying his prone form, Ellen smiles, warm and pleasantly satisfied. For such a quiet and apparently conservative man, he’s certainly managed to obey her well this time.

Ellen sits down on the edge of the bed and Gabriel reaches out to her, thinking she might have changed her mind, but she tells him to kneel down.

On the floor beside the bed, he’s beginning to feel a bit of chill now. After serving her so thoroughly, he’s spent and dazed. Ellen’s hands are in his hair and he realises that she’s reaching for the collar.

“I’m taking this off you now. You’ve certainly served me well for a first scene, I’m pleased with you.”

Gabriel is inordinately happy with this. He looks up at her, awaiting her pleasure. Taking off the collar, Ellen returns it to her toy bag and kisses him goodbye. It’s just after dusk and the light outside is fading. He gets up to see her out, but she’s already closing the door behind her.

Standing in the doorway for a moment, Gabriel takes a deep breath and absently runs his hand over the deep bite mark in his arm. He’s not sure if his itch is scratched or if he’s only succeeded in turning it into a permanent addiction. He had been warned that his first experiment with submission was likely to be a bit of a shock, and somehow it feels like coming home. As if he’d dived into a deep, dark pool of water and found himself breathing there.

Gabriel steps over the blue-grey tweed jacket that lies on the floor in a rumpled mess with the pink cotton skirt and one black silk stocking. He climbs back into bed and lies there with a big smile on his face. Before long he’s falling asleep to dream of snakes and a green eyed Succubus staring into his eyes.

Ellen carries her toy bag back to where her car is parked near the Mongolian restaurant. The street lights are on and the locals are beginning to come out for twilight feeding and socialising. She sits at a table in the window and watches the world go by with a satisfied smirk.


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