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Male submission photos

Posted in FemDom, male submission with tags , , , , on May 21, 2009 by Maitresse

My slut not only enjoys writing about his own submission, but apparently loves reading my own comments. Isn’t it wonderful when your slave sends you a message telling you his cock gets hard reading your posts?

For the voyeurs among you, here’s some photos of the weekend’s beating.

bound hands 170509 290 Hands securely bound to the bed end, he’s not going anywhere and I can do whatever I like.

slut collar 170509 290 The collar I made for him, because he’s my property.

spanked arse 170509 290 The welts on his arse left by the cane. The bruises lasted several days.


The weekend slut

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness with tags , , , , on May 5, 2009 by Maitresse

My slut came over on Friday night, dutifully bringing 15 metres of new rope with him. He’s been spending quite a bit of time walking around in a rope harness these days, which he loves and I find quite amusing.

He’d offered to take me out for dinner on the Saturday. This was something of a surprise but certainly a wonderful night. Naturally before we go out together anywhere I whip his arse. He has a European complexion and his skin can be hard to mark, so I really lay in with the cane these days. Even so, the stripes are usually gone the next evening.

After warming him up with the English leather riding crop, I put my hand on the teflon coated cane. Yum! He wasn’t gagged or tied to the bed this time, so there was quite a bit of squirming and muffled swearing as I applied vicious strokes to his bare arse.

It’s really quite funny when he’s groaning trying not to wriggle around too much. As he moans muffled curses into the pillows I frequently stand over his naked body laughing, watching the welts rise on his flesh. There are many occasions on which we’d be over and done, but his reactions provoke me into continuing the corporal punishment just to watch the decorations and antics. It’s so much fun and gets me seriously wet.

Following a good whipping he is free to take me out and all night long I am aware of moments when his eyes lose focus a little as he’s shifting in his seat… It is delightful to observe his continuing awareness of my dominance and ownership of him. It might even be my most favourite part of a night out… Other than times we go to fetish clubs and he rubs my feet and otherwise serves me in public. He is a devoted darling slut.

After dinner he was ordered to serve me again in bed. No bondage this time and no further corporal punishment… the sex turned into a long, slow sensuous tantric experience. He listens to my every command and obeys, except when we fall asleep. I was pleasantly surprised when I first realised he can perform and serve according to a tantric method. Some men are way to quick and eager. Others have no imagination. My darling slut will happily maneuver through three or four of my favourite positions and then allow me to fall asleep in his arms while he’s still hard up behind me.

Next morning we put the new length of rope to good use experimenting with some new harnesses that somewhat confine his upper arms. 10 metres was a little too short to tie off neatly, the 15 metres leaves plenty of rope to play with. At present I’m using lots of diamonds over his back and front, as they look kinda cute, but there’s other patterns of cuffs and angles to be tried. I can see I’m going to have to find a book for some more info on the basics.

We took photos of him in the harness and also hogtied on the floor. He was noticably quieter when bound like that. Who would have thought that just a little bit of rope can reduce a grown man to a spaced out submissive decorating my lounge room floor? That sub space is quite wonderful to observe. It must be an amazing trance like experience. Personally I have other vectors for trance and meditation. The mere thought of being tied up by someone has me wanting to break bones and scratch out eyes. LOL

Afterwards he rubbed my feet and worshiped my arse, like a good little slut. I lay on the floor on blankets while we watched movies together and he continued massaging my feet and legs. I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and my feet feel fabulous.

Getting it off

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness with tags , , , on April 22, 2009 by Maitresse

As may be obvious from the ever growing list of blog links over there, I’ve been looking around for other kinky stuff to read. There’s some fantastic writers around, and people having some fantastic sex! These days I’m not so much jealous as inspired… To the point where my slut and I are planning a bit of a Mistress’ night in the next month or so. Picture a half dozen Dommes sitting around with various girls and boys waiting on them hand and foot for the evening. What a splendid way to spend a night!

Miss Calico was discussing ‘did you come‘ recently and it got me thinking about the whole orgasm thing. Again. As it happens I was going to use this blog exclusively for lighthearted kinky shit and keep my politics on another blog where there’s more identifying info. However, reading some other sexy bloggers’ thoughts has prompted me to want to put a little more thought into some of this.

Since I’m one of *those* women who can cum merrily all night with a dildo but not so often with a real live male, the idea of pleasure during sex is not so straightforward. Reading some slave training sites you’d think that anorgasmia is purely a result of overstimulation. Which basically means you’re spoiled by too good a dildo. This may actually be the case for me. But it’s solely because I can hit the right spot hard enough often enough, rather than any deficiency on behalf of my slut. He can go all night and is very well endowed. So why don’t I cum constantly, repeatedly when fucking him? Mostly I think it’s because some of my orgasms are for me to enjoy.

It took me a long time to really own my own body. This is an idea I had to grow into as an adult, because I hadn’t really learnt it as a youngster. Long story. These days I tell myself fairly frequently that this flesh is all mine, I get to choose who can and can’t do what to or with me. I get to enjoy it. Touch it, flex it, share it occasionally. Mine.

So am I simply selfish with my orgasms? Possibly. Who cares? I’m the Mistress around here and I can do whatever the hell I want. Which is not to say that fucking my slut doesn’t get me off. There’s nothing quite so enjoyable as an hour or two spent in his arms with that long, slow stroking warming me up inside. Particularly when he’s been soundly beaten beforehand or bound and spanked. He’s my toy. My favourite sex toy.

And as Miss Calico opines, in agreement with Tantric principles I might add, orgasm isn’t all there is to it. Sometimes you do want a truly hammering, luscious squirt almost as a kind of indulgent self-expression, but sometimes it’s preferable to have the pleasure levels elevated more constantly.

Either way he has to lick it up afterwards.

Hog tied

Posted in male submission with tags , , on April 17, 2009 by Maitresse

My darling slut just loves being tied up. Rope bondage, collar and cuffs, leather thong… he drops so quickly into a deep subspace and willingly submits to all sorts of torture.

One of the first scenes we did together involved him tied up on the floor. With his hands bound he can still move around a bit, to take whatever position amuses me at the time and the restraint maintains the mental awareness of his submission.  After a lengthy session whipping his bare ass red with a lovely English leather riding crop, I dripped hot wax all over his cock and balls.

The groans and twitches were delightful to watch, as I laughed and let the candle drip… Later I used the crop again to whip all the wax off his skin. He knelt on all fours and kissed my feet to thank me for the attention. He also had to vaccuum the loungeroom to clean it all up!

More recently he’s been hog tied. This position has him face down, naked of course, on the floor with his hands and feet tied behind him. It holds him pretty well still for anything else I feel like doing to him. By standing over him with one foot either side, I can use the cane overhand and raise gorgeous welts all over his behind. He drools into the carpet.