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It’s been some time since Mistress made an entry in the blog. Over Summer I’ve been playing with my house slut a little, practising the fisting and assorted other things.

Any time he takes Me out, I cane his arse beforehand and then watch him squirming all evening as he feels the welts.

Presently we’re interviewing malesluts for a second house slave position. It has been most amusing reading all the application letters. Some pigmales mistakenly send letters saying “hi sexy” with a photo of a penis or backside attached. Needless to say Mistress doesn’t bother replying to such forward individuals.

There are those, however, who make polite introductions and address Mistress appropriately as the superior being She is. There have been four or five of these in recent days and Mistress will be screening them over coming weeks.

One of the requirements is for participation in a little fetish photography. It’s been a while since I’ve had the camera out and I’m looking forward to posting some new pics of males in lingerie, stockings and submissive poses.

Here’s hoping Mistress finds some amusing and deserving males to play with.


What a woman really wants

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This has been the subject of a few movies and books, not to mention squillions of crappy magazine articles, over the years. Mostly they come from the perspective within the meta-narrative which casts women as merely suppport actors… props and helpers of men. Some seem to accept living on the margins in the little feminine, passive box, which is their business.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject. It’s a lovely rainy day and I’m relaxing at home with my feet up, daydreaming about having them worshiped by a worthy slave. And another at my side on his hands and knees for me to rest my drink on. And another to serve the drinks… And another with an artistic phisique out on the lawn raking or something.

I like to have doors opened for me. Not because I’m one of “the weaker sex” but because I’m superior and deserve it. I like a male slave to pick up and clean up around the house because it’s his place to serve me. Most of all I like to be respected as the Goddess that I am.

A thrall comes in handy to kneel beside the bed and help slip my feet into five and half inch black patent stiletto shoes before we go out for a fetish night. Or he can wear a rope harness and skirt while he’s making dinner and setting the table.

I like to have a man kneeling at my feet to be flogged, spanked or caned when I’m feeling a little stressed and want to relieve myself. Forget stress balls. A good hard heavy whipping with a long flogger made of fine grain Italian belt leather is just what a woman needs to let off some steam and feel at peace with the world again.

On weekends my own darling slut comes over and serves me like this. It would be really fun to have other slaves around to call on during the week, just when I feel like it.

And fetish nights out are the greatest. There’s nothing like dressing up in black PVC, in a pencil skirt and wasp waisted jacket, like the senior female executive from hell (or heaven). Imagine going in to work in the morning and having to greet Her across half an acre of polished mahogany desk? The sexual tension would be absolutely tangible, but in an office it would all have to be deliciously unspoken. Magic. Almost makes me want to take an executive position managing a legal firm. I’d have a lovely dark office, all teal and antique gold, with ebony furniture heavy enough to double as bondage equipment after hours. Gaggles of males working in the place would wear silk panties and fishnet stockings under their three piece pin striped suits, not to mention the deep welts on their backsides from frequent canings.

Ahem… where was I?

My primary is slim and well groomed, with distinguished silver hair that he likes to refer to as ‘salt and pepper’, he comes up very nicely in basic black for a kinky night out. I put his collar on him and he walks around all night on the end of my leash… It’s been a while since I’ve given him a proper flogging in public which is something that ought to be addressed next time we hit the clubs. Now that the weather’s warming up, he can walk around half naked so I guess I need to order him to get a full body wax too.

Last weekend I made up a couple of whips for a new order. One of them was indeed made from heavy belt leather. It was absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to make another, with a dozen or so half inch tails about two feet long. That will be absolutely thumping! It will bruise a lucky slut just looking at him, muahahaha. Considering I’ve also finished a matching set of cuffs for my darling slut, perhaps we do need to get out and play!

Where’s all the male submission pr0n?

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Since my darling slut and myself have been taking photos, we’ve also been looking out for other images of male submission. He has rather a large collection of vintage porn and bondage comics which feature men being spanked, tied up and otherwise tortured by dominant women but we want more. A search of newsgroups and the web returns a squillion images of naked females but bugger all in the way of decent malesub stuff.

Enter Male Submission Art. A brilliant idea by maymay, who is using delicious to source and promote good quality, artistic male submission photography.


Damn, that gives me ideas!

You don'[t have to be young to be hot!

So as you can see, the site is a really, really good idea and deserves a LOT of support. Get snapping!

Male submission photos

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The gallery page has been updated.

My slut looks gorgeous in rope, if I do say so myself.

On being sociable, part one.

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rope and wax

rope and wax

Last night my slut and I went out for dinner with a few kinky friends. Most of us were women and most were Dominas or Pro-Dommes. I love spending time with Pro’s. They’re generally a great bunch of women, sexy, smart and really funny to chat to. There was a time when I considered working as a Pro Domme in a professional dungeon for the experience but also simply to hang out with such interesting people.

We discussed BDSM, obviously, as well as sex, business and even witch-craft came up at the end. I’m a witch and love being witchy, so it was a fun conversation for me. Needless to say it turned into a bit of a late night.

I’d been shopping around for a new fetish outfit to wear to the clubs and come across a neat little black PVC coat, it goes well with the skirt and shoes. PVC is nice and shiny, it certainly looks really Mistressy, but my real favourite is leather. There’s heaps of leather hides here for my other handcrafts and it’s always tempting me to get into a corset or skirt or something else nice and slinky, black leather next to my skin. One of the Mistresses at last night’s dinner is an experienced dressmaker and was offering some advice about sewing leather, which was very helpful. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that going in the near future. The thought of pulling on black leather for an evening or a scene is absolutely delicious. The smell alone is enough to frame the mindspace.



My slut will accompany me to the weekend’s outing, this time we’re considering a short skirt for him and a full body rope harness. Something that will make lovely diamond patterns all down his front and back, across the tops of his arms, leaving enough movment to be able to serve me drinks and rub feet… and tight up his crotch of course.

It’s a big change to be spending so much time out with friends, but quite a pleasant one. The more I get to know people in the scene around Melbourne the more ideas I pick up. It’s also wonderful to be able to talk about fetish and kinks to understanding friends. Air issues, share ideas and offer support. My experience with IRL fetish has been positive and the local scene is quite active.

Now to find some more pretty boysluts to serve at my Mistress’ party.