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Slut sex

Posted in FemDom, male submission, Sex and horniness with tags , , , , on May 21, 2009 by Maitresse

I notice my slut has been busy over on his blog… He delights in recounting his experiences for the enjoyment of others. He’s such a slut.

It’s one of the things I whisper in his ear when I’ve commanded him to serve me in bed. That he’s such a dirty little slut, how he serves his Mistress so willingly, that he’s my property and I can order him to do anything… One of the most wonderful things about owning a submissive male is that despite their being as eager for sex as most males, they don’t take liberties with Mistress’ person or presence. When he comes over to my place he’ll often shave so his face is baby smooth, in case I order him to lick my pussy… but he always waits on my orders. *sigh* How sweet.

When I grab a handful of his hair and push his face down on me, he never resists. One of my favourite tortures is to play with him while he’s eating me. A Mistress will, of course, seek to blur the line between pleasure and pain for her obedient slut. I enjoy holding his lovely hard 9″ cock and teasing him while slapping his balls hard, as he’s going down on me. Despite the pain and constant stimulation, he continues serving and worshiping my cunt for as long as I tell him to. It’s no wonder he’s one of very few men I can cum with. Talk about good foreplay!

Recently in bed I got a little carried away and ordered him to cum after only about half an hour of sex. Naturally he complied, but later I was a little disappointed I’d been so impatient. It’s exquisite to lie in bed having my slut serve me while I’m drifting off to sleep. I missed the feel of his hard cock gently stroking me while I lay in his arms.

Of course the best sexual service is after I’ve just whipped his arse red raw. Last weekend my property was being a mouthy little slut, and since I hadn’t handed out any real corporal punishment or torture in a while it was kind of getting on my nerves. So when the opportunity presented itself I tied him to my four poster bed and gave him a belting. He’s been in training for caning and horsewhipping for a few months now and I felt it was time to extend him a little. After a frustrating evening it was really quite pleasant to feel the arc of the cane in my hand and hear the impact on the pale, soft flesh of his exposed backside. So pleasant that I continued beating him while he groaned and writhed on the bed.

This time the welts grew and darkened quickly. I used the cane on him vertically as well as across his cheeks, so he had dark purple stripes all over his gorgeous behind. It wasn’t long before he was begging for a hug in between strokes. My slut loves being hugged and held after a good whipping. Not only is he my collared property but he desires to submit himself to me and revels in those moments of gentle contact that balance the punishment with my love for him.

That phrase sounds so good I’ll write it again… My darling, dirty little slut is my owned property. I feel such a rush of power and dominance when he submits himself to me and is bound to the bed or bound in rope. With his hands securely tied he puts himself completely in my hands. I can do whatever the fuck I want to him there while he lies naked, vulnerable and imobile on my bed. It is my privilege to consider when to whip him, when to hug or hold him, when to take his erect cock in my mouth and give him a good hard, slow suck before bringing the cane down again hard on his tender flesh or twisting the head of his erection in my fist. Gods I love playing with my slut. He is also my favourite sex toy and I do enjoy him.


Getting it off

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness with tags , , , on April 22, 2009 by Maitresse

As may be obvious from the ever growing list of blog links over there, I’ve been looking around for other kinky stuff to read. There’s some fantastic writers around, and people having some fantastic sex! These days I’m not so much jealous as inspired… To the point where my slut and I are planning a bit of a Mistress’ night in the next month or so. Picture a half dozen Dommes sitting around with various girls and boys waiting on them hand and foot for the evening. What a splendid way to spend a night!

Miss Calico was discussing ‘did you come‘ recently and it got me thinking about the whole orgasm thing. Again. As it happens I was going to use this blog exclusively for lighthearted kinky shit and keep my politics on another blog where there’s more identifying info. However, reading some other sexy bloggers’ thoughts has prompted me to want to put a little more thought into some of this.

Since I’m one of *those* women who can cum merrily all night with a dildo but not so often with a real live male, the idea of pleasure during sex is not so straightforward. Reading some slave training sites you’d think that anorgasmia is purely a result of overstimulation. Which basically means you’re spoiled by too good a dildo. This may actually be the case for me. But it’s solely because I can hit the right spot hard enough often enough, rather than any deficiency on behalf of my slut. He can go all night and is very well endowed. So why don’t I cum constantly, repeatedly when fucking him? Mostly I think it’s because some of my orgasms are for me to enjoy.

It took me a long time to really own my own body. This is an idea I had to grow into as an adult, because I hadn’t really learnt it as a youngster. Long story. These days I tell myself fairly frequently that this flesh is all mine, I get to choose who can and can’t do what to or with me. I get to enjoy it. Touch it, flex it, share it occasionally. Mine.

So am I simply selfish with my orgasms? Possibly. Who cares? I’m the Mistress around here and I can do whatever the hell I want. Which is not to say that fucking my slut doesn’t get me off. There’s nothing quite so enjoyable as an hour or two spent in his arms with that long, slow stroking warming me up inside. Particularly when he’s been soundly beaten beforehand or bound and spanked. He’s my toy. My favourite sex toy.

And as Miss Calico opines, in agreement with Tantric principles I might add, orgasm isn’t all there is to it. Sometimes you do want a truly hammering, luscious squirt almost as a kind of indulgent self-expression, but sometimes it’s preferable to have the pleasure levels elevated more constantly.

Either way he has to lick it up afterwards.