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Slut on a rope

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness with tags , on April 27, 2009 by Maitresse

We had a lovely relaxing weekend. Well, relaxing for me. It was cold, windy and raining so we stayed in by the fire and had a lovely time.

My slut enjoyed being my crash test dummy for decorative rope bondage. That’s basically rope in diamond patterns all over the body. I tied him up nice and tight, particularly right up his crotch, and he spent all night cooking, serving and waiting on me in his little harness.

It gave me complete access to him if I wanted to pinch or spank during the evening and I could reach out any time I liked and pull on the rope… which he would feel tightening all over him. The sensation of being bound while he’s serving around the house really enforces the sensation of my ownership and dominance of him. My pretty little slut. Well, my pretty hung like a horse slut.

Because he’d been so good and cooked so well for me, I rewarded him by allowing him to cum. The rope really gets him going, so he was fucking me even more enthusiasticall than normal. I ordered him to cum on my belly, so I can grab a fist full of his hair and force his face down on me to lick it all up. Well, force is hardly the word. More like guiding my dirty little slut. He loves it. He spurted all over the place and even had it on his face.

Later in the night he went down on me for a while, as I lay back on the couch enjoying myself. He might have been a bit cheeky at times, for which his arse was cropped a couple of times, but he was such fun to play with. I really enjoy owning my slut.


On being sociable, part one.

Posted in FemDom, the scene with tags , , , , on April 23, 2009 by Maitresse
rope and wax

rope and wax

Last night my slut and I went out for dinner with a few kinky friends. Most of us were women and most were Dominas or Pro-Dommes. I love spending time with Pro’s. They’re generally a great bunch of women, sexy, smart and really funny to chat to. There was a time when I considered working as a Pro Domme in a professional dungeon for the experience but also simply to hang out with such interesting people.

We discussed BDSM, obviously, as well as sex, business and even witch-craft came up at the end. I’m a witch and love being witchy, so it was a fun conversation for me. Needless to say it turned into a bit of a late night.

I’d been shopping around for a new fetish outfit to wear to the clubs and come across a neat little black PVC coat, it goes well with the skirt and shoes. PVC is nice and shiny, it certainly looks really Mistressy, but my real favourite is leather. There’s heaps of leather hides here for my other handcrafts and it’s always tempting me to get into a corset or skirt or something else nice and slinky, black leather next to my skin. One of the Mistresses at last night’s dinner is an experienced dressmaker and was offering some advice about sewing leather, which was very helpful. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that going in the near future. The thought of pulling on black leather for an evening or a scene is absolutely delicious. The smell alone is enough to frame the mindspace.



My slut will accompany me to the weekend’s outing, this time we’re considering a short skirt for him and a full body rope harness. Something that will make lovely diamond patterns all down his front and back, across the tops of his arms, leaving enough movment to be able to serve me drinks and rub feet… and tight up his crotch of course.

It’s a big change to be spending so much time out with friends, but quite a pleasant one. The more I get to know people in the scene around Melbourne the more ideas I pick up. It’s also wonderful to be able to talk about fetish and kinks to understanding friends. Air issues, share ideas and offer support. My experience with IRL fetish has been positive and the local scene is quite active.

Now to find some more pretty boysluts to serve at my Mistress’ party.