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Training for strap on sex

Posted in FemDom, fucking the slut with a strap on with tags , , , , , , on June 10, 2009 by Maitresse

The long weekend was perfect for spending lots of time in bed training the slut. Not long after I arrived, I took the collar out of my toy bag. My darling slut came and knelt before me and held his hair out of the way for me to put his collar on. He wore it most of the weekend.

I’d planned to buy a larger dildo for the strap on harness and some new metal rings to hold them in place better. At the sex shops we went to there were lots of different dongs, some small some huge, but not many in between for gradually building up. Quite a few of them were moulded with balls and a suction cap that might do in a pinch but not really what I was hoping for. Since my slut already has the only cock I really want to look at, my preference is for dildos and vibrators that have a smooth or spiral kind of finish. Plastic dicks are so impersonal.

After we’d spent Saturday out looking around, we decided on a 7 1/2 inch dildo and a set of rubber rings. The only metal ones came with a chest harness. I guess you could use curtain rings at a pinch, though it might be interesting if the lady in the craft shop asks what you’re making.

When we got in on Saturday evening, I tried the new dong on for size. “Come here and check this out” I called to him. He walked in to see me in the lovely satin nightie with a big dildo sticking out from under it. Without question he came over, knelt down and began sucking it. My darling, willing, dirty little slut. I tied him up in a rope harness which he wore while he was making dinner, tied over his new skirt so I could feel his arse and balls while he was working.

That night he was being quite cheeky. He’s not a naturally subservient kind of person and I often take some time spanking him or torturing his cock to bring him into subspace. Saturday night I warmed him up with a great spanking with the paddle. In the bottom of my toybag I also found a long black leather belt which has been in there for some time. I thought it would be amusing to give my slut a bit of a belting as well. He was ordered to kneel on the floor so I could swing the belt properly, and he confessed that he is a dirty little slut who deserves a good belting. He loves being owned by me and available for me to play with and fuck.

After I’d had enough fun and his arse was bright cherry red, I wanted to try out the new dildo on him. He was wearing the new black skirt he’d bought and some gorgeous lacy panties. I pulled on a rubber glove and lubed him up. Then I fucked him on the loungeroom floor. The new dildo held on as I pumped it hard up into his arse again and again. I ran my nails down his back and kissed him a few times before fucking him more. He has his face down and groaned and moaned the whole time in ecstasy. He couldn’t get enough, the dirty little slut.

Later I took him to bed and had him service me. He was so wound up from the fucking and cock torture that he begged to be allowed to serve me with his cock. Eventually I permitted it and he was very, very good. He was even given permission to cum. Naturally he obeyed.

Sunday afternoon was spent in a lovely warm haze. Because it was a long weekend, we had another night together to play. In the early evening I amused myself for an hour or so with pegs on his balls and cock, flicking them for fun to see if I could make them flick off. He wasn’t bound but I ordered him to lie back on the couch and he stayed there, naked and collared, as I played with him.

Large pegs are quite good because they give the impression that they’re going to hurt. Little girls’ hair clips are really good fun. Good for the foreskin. They look so small and sweet, but the teeth inside are quite snappy and the pain will build up rapidly over time. And they can be flicked off with a riding crop or cane.

That night I decided to take his training a little further. Not with the cane this time, although I had used the paddle and belt until my arm ached… Mostly for the strap on. The best dildos for strap ons are all huge. Long and thick. And my slut is really ready for a great big cock.

I took him to bed and got out the gloves and lube again. As he knelt on the bed moaning softly in submission, I fingered him. Slowly I stroked him with one finger, then added another and another. Before long I fucked him with my hand. He’s working up to being fisted and fucked with a big dong. After some time and quite a bit of lube, I had most of my hand fucking him and he loved it.

Later I fucked him again with the strap on. I ordered him to roll over on his back and I fucked him like that, so I could kiss him and look into his eyes as I plunge my big cock into him again and again. He was so wound up that when I gave him the order to serve me, he was ready to cum again almost immediately. Of course he had to wait a while, but since he had performed so beautifully for me I gave him permission again.

It was wonderful to have the extra day off. We spent a long night together in each other’s arms and stayed in bed late in the morning to enjoy the feeling. It was cold outside and raining, so we stayed warm. My slut enjoyed wearing his new skirt around the house with the panties on underneath. They’re a lovely light green with a greyish trim and they look gorgeous on him. In the skirt he is exposed for me and I can walk up to him any time and put my hand up the skirt to pinch or feel him. Or pull up the skirt and spank his arse.

What a great way to spend a weekend. Especially a long weekend. Now I need the week for my arm to recover LOL.

I thoroughly enjoyed having that time together alone with my darling slut. He is so sweet and obedient to me. It’s wonderful to have him as my very own loving, collared sub.


The weekend slut

Posted in FemDom, Sex and horniness with tags , , , , on May 5, 2009 by Maitresse

My slut came over on Friday night, dutifully bringing 15 metres of new rope with him. He’s been spending quite a bit of time walking around in a rope harness these days, which he loves and I find quite amusing.

He’d offered to take me out for dinner on the Saturday. This was something of a surprise but certainly a wonderful night. Naturally before we go out together anywhere I whip his arse. He has a European complexion and his skin can be hard to mark, so I really lay in with the cane these days. Even so, the stripes are usually gone the next evening.

After warming him up with the English leather riding crop, I put my hand on the teflon coated cane. Yum! He wasn’t gagged or tied to the bed this time, so there was quite a bit of squirming and muffled swearing as I applied vicious strokes to his bare arse.

It’s really quite funny when he’s groaning trying not to wriggle around too much. As he moans muffled curses into the pillows I frequently stand over his naked body laughing, watching the welts rise on his flesh. There are many occasions on which we’d be over and done, but his reactions provoke me into continuing the corporal punishment just to watch the decorations and antics. It’s so much fun and gets me seriously wet.

Following a good whipping he is free to take me out and all night long I am aware of moments when his eyes lose focus a little as he’s shifting in his seat… It is delightful to observe his continuing awareness of my dominance and ownership of him. It might even be my most favourite part of a night out… Other than times we go to fetish clubs and he rubs my feet and otherwise serves me in public. He is a devoted darling slut.

After dinner he was ordered to serve me again in bed. No bondage this time and no further corporal punishment… the sex turned into a long, slow sensuous tantric experience. He listens to my every command and obeys, except when we fall asleep. I was pleasantly surprised when I first realised he can perform and serve according to a tantric method. Some men are way to quick and eager. Others have no imagination. My darling slut will happily maneuver through three or four of my favourite positions and then allow me to fall asleep in his arms while he’s still hard up behind me.

Next morning we put the new length of rope to good use experimenting with some new harnesses that somewhat confine his upper arms. 10 metres was a little too short to tie off neatly, the 15 metres leaves plenty of rope to play with. At present I’m using lots of diamonds over his back and front, as they look kinda cute, but there’s other patterns of cuffs and angles to be tried. I can see I’m going to have to find a book for some more info on the basics.

We took photos of him in the harness and also hogtied on the floor. He was noticably quieter when bound like that. Who would have thought that just a little bit of rope can reduce a grown man to a spaced out submissive decorating my lounge room floor? That sub space is quite wonderful to observe. It must be an amazing trance like experience. Personally I have other vectors for trance and meditation. The mere thought of being tied up by someone has me wanting to break bones and scratch out eyes. LOL

Afterwards he rubbed my feet and worshiped my arse, like a good little slut. I lay on the floor on blankets while we watched movies together and he continued massaging my feet and legs. I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and my feet feel fabulous.