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Happy Yule

Posted in getting all metaphysical with tags , on June 23, 2009 by Maitresse

Yes folks, on this side of the planet it’s just gone Midwinter and we’re feeling it. Fortunately there’s been a bit of rain in addition to the cold, stay inside and have my feet worshiped weather.

We celebrated with food and coloured candles, which was pleasant and not too much work. My darling slut has his birthday at Imbolc, so I’m trying to think up a nicely kinky celebration of both… Which will probably involve quite a bit of hot wax play LOL

In recent weeks we’ve been staying in quite a bit and spending some time cuddling and massaging. My slut has pretty good hands for this so I enjoy it quite a bit. There’s nothing like having Mistress’ feet worshiped and rubbed to put Her in a good mood. That and a slut who can cook. Yum!



Posted in Sex and horniness with tags , on April 23, 2009 by Maitresse

Been reading again… wasted another day. Well almost. I’m also reading “Mindfuck” by Colin McGinn which is fantastic. There’s some great sex blogs around and one which caught my attention is about masturbation. Solo Lady Love – women and masturbation on the porn for women site, is pretty self explanatory. It’s a great read.

Let’s start with the clitoris, or clit. The pleasure center of a woman, the clit is the one body part that’s only function is to make you feel good. How awesome is that?! To get off, many women touch their clit (the glans of it – the whole clitoris is a structure that reaches into the body and down under the labia!) directly, using one or two fingers to rub, flick, go in little circles, or move back and forth on their button.

I was enjoying this since it’s been on my mind after reading Miss Calico’s thoughts about orgasm the other day. But it was the penultimate paragraph that caught my attention.

There are also women that can come from stroking and playing with their nipples only. Many women use breast and erogenous zone touches to enhance their arousal, but cannot come from it alone. There are also a select few women that can come from thoughts and breathing alone, without any physical stimulation at all. Neat, huh?

How cool would that be, to get off on mind power alone! It can be a bit of a journey to cum at all. It took me until I was about 30 before I could really get into it… and that was DIY. I was married at the time and in a church group, which all but killed my sexuality. *brrr* It’s hard to enjoy your body when you’re being screamed at by some fat old schizophrenic in a suit that you belong to another person and they can do what the hell they want to you. It’s not fun when it’s not consentual. But that’s another story.

It did take some time and experimentation, not to mention all the affirmations written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick! But I got the idea sunk into my subconscious that this is actually my body and I have control over it. (Suck on that you religious fucking pervert!) And this means I get to cum if I bloody well want to.

Ahem… Funny how thoughts wander around when you’re blogging LOL. Spending a few lazy afternoons in bed learning about your physical and emotional responses can do wonders for your security and pleasure.

Since it’s worked really well so far, I’m now thinking about the idea in that advice column. What if you could learn to get off more and more easily? Sports people and others routinely use psychological tricks to enhance their performance and make other constructive alterations to their lives. So do witches, but with more props. I’m picturing burning a pink candle with Perthro, Berkana and Wunjo carved into it, visualising myself having screaming, thrashing orgasms. Or I could simply practise more with my toys and my slut. It’s probably the most appropriate application of sex magic 😀 A big part of it is also the red candle stuff, I find. Strength, security, confidence… sinking in to the heart’s stream that this is my body, it’s a good thing and it’s right to enjoy it.

I didn’t make a New Years’ resolution this year. Generally they’re something along the lines of “I will meditate more and worry less”… but the more I think about it “I will learn to let myself have earth shattering orgasms” sounds like a fucking plan!

On being sociable, part one.

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rope and wax

rope and wax

Last night my slut and I went out for dinner with a few kinky friends. Most of us were women and most were Dominas or Pro-Dommes. I love spending time with Pro’s. They’re generally a great bunch of women, sexy, smart and really funny to chat to. There was a time when I considered working as a Pro Domme in a professional dungeon for the experience but also simply to hang out with such interesting people.

We discussed BDSM, obviously, as well as sex, business and even witch-craft came up at the end. I’m a witch and love being witchy, so it was a fun conversation for me. Needless to say it turned into a bit of a late night.

I’d been shopping around for a new fetish outfit to wear to the clubs and come across a neat little black PVC coat, it goes well with the skirt and shoes. PVC is nice and shiny, it certainly looks really Mistressy, but my real favourite is leather. There’s heaps of leather hides here for my other handcrafts and it’s always tempting me to get into a corset or skirt or something else nice and slinky, black leather next to my skin. One of the Mistresses at last night’s dinner is an experienced dressmaker and was offering some advice about sewing leather, which was very helpful. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that going in the near future. The thought of pulling on black leather for an evening or a scene is absolutely delicious. The smell alone is enough to frame the mindspace.



My slut will accompany me to the weekend’s outing, this time we’re considering a short skirt for him and a full body rope harness. Something that will make lovely diamond patterns all down his front and back, across the tops of his arms, leaving enough movment to be able to serve me drinks and rub feet… and tight up his crotch of course.

It’s a big change to be spending so much time out with friends, but quite a pleasant one. The more I get to know people in the scene around Melbourne the more ideas I pick up. It’s also wonderful to be able to talk about fetish and kinks to understanding friends. Air issues, share ideas and offer support. My experience with IRL fetish has been positive and the local scene is quite active.

Now to find some more pretty boysluts to serve at my Mistress’ party.